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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I hate to wait. I dislike waiting for things I want, things that I see that I think I cannot live without and especially for things to get better.
I want Pup to be himself again, Now.
He is much better, but we are in the early days of recuperation from a major surgery and I am already impatient for him to be his old self.
I want to see that smile. I want to see that jaunty trot down the sidewalk.
I want to see him pouncing on his chewy bone and inviting some other pup in the park to play .
He stays in whichever room I am in, he keeps an eye on me and still wants to go when we are walking out the door, but he is so fragile seeming.
But he is eating and getting stronger and I will wait for him to be himself again.

He is good at waiting.
He waited for our furniture to arrive with much more patience than I did.
I think it is because he enjoyed the big empty rooms with the slidey floors .. I guess he thought This is home and settled in.

I knew it needed a few things so I was impatient and always on edge, we need this and we have to go find that .
Spending days looking for the stores, then finding the right thing in the stores, it was all an adventure but there were days that I really wished there were just a big Bloomingdales down the street that I could pop into and get some things, or Bed Bath and Beyond .. the stuff of my dreams now ! I have to wait until I find the facsmile of BB&B or Nordstroms or Crate & Barrel.
While I might sound whiney, I actually do enjoy discovering the South American counterpart .. if only it didn't take so long to find it.

There is a place called Paul in Palermo Soho. Paul being a designer of hotels and such. The store is entered through an alleyway that is lined with plants and trees and bird cages .. opening into a garden space. To one side is a glass house where they sell .. only tea. Yes, Tea. All kinds of Tea. Lovely.
The shop is all glass fronted and crammed full of tables and chairs and sofas and pillows and fur covered things and dishes and lamps and all sorts of scented things and glass things and treasures. I never get to spend enough time there, which is probably good because it is always fun to go back, I know I will see something new and interesting.
As soon as someone is finished with his recuperation, I think I will go to Paul's and spend a few hours.

I am mourning my computer. It is dead.
My photos can be saved. I just have to wait. There it is again. That word. Wait.
I will get a new computer I think. No point in having the old one fixed and having it break again in 6 months. But I will have to wait for that too. Wait.
But I am so very thankful that all my photos can be saved on a disc.

Fall is definitely here. The leaves are falling. The trees are turning yellow and brown and ivy on the walls is turning bright red.
The mornings and nights are chilly, the days are bright and sunny , but you need a light jacket or sweater.
Perfect weather. Perfecto.
And all I had to do was wait a few months for it.


  1. Hello:
    You will, we are afraid to say, have to be very, very patient. It may be several weeks before Pup is his old self, but he will be, and the worst part, last Saturday, is now behind both you and him.

    Strangely, when we are in Budapest we do not miss the London stores at all.

  2. Pup is cool and chilling as he recuperates...

    Animals are so strong in their heads they cope waaay better than we do.

    Give Pup a hug from me eh?

    4D x

  3. Jane and Lance, I live in Buenos Aires and I miss London stores !

    4D .. Pup has been duly hugged. He sends his best and said he still likes Madness..


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