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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recuperating Pups and Good Scents

The Good News is that Pup is better each day, walking farther, more spring to his step and going longer without pain pills.
He went to see his vet and she was thrilled with how well he is progressing , stitches will come out in 10 days and then he can have a bath. News that delighted a couple of people who live with him. He doesn't smell doggy, he just looks pitiful, all scraggly and droopy. The shaved spot by his ankle doesn't help ..

The weather is fantastic .. imagine late September, sunny, warm but the nights cool off nicely.

I , for some reason, have offended the Gods of the Machines so my iPhone has quit .. it works as a phone still, thank goodness but something is trying to prevent me from emailing. I am hoping that this, my husbands laptop, is not hit next with my bad internet karma.

We were considering buying a new computer, but why pay about 3 times more ? We will see if there is anyone at Apple who will fix it .... again.
So we get to haul in a desk top computer, by taxi, tomorrow.
Hey, we have hauled a large dog around this city for the past few weeks, that computer will be a piece of cake.

I want to see Woody Allen's new movie. Paris .. ahhh.
I am still waiting to go shopping for shoes and clothes but who can squeeze those pursuits into the short amounts of time there is left from lugging computers around town and nursing post-operative Pups ?
I have always used L'Occitane products and recently purchased some soaps and got a little sample envelope of the Almond Hand Cream .. I am now addicted to the scent and must have a little pot of it .. if I can just get to the store !
It is not a long walk, but it seems everyday there are only a few hours alloted to shopping time. Something is so wrong with that !

I am also considering buying Verbena soap, Lavender and perhaps Cinnamon.
Do you like L'Occitane? just having the soaps in the bath, scent the room.
We rented a house in the Berkshires in Massachusetts one summer and in our wanderings, we found this shop, that was part antiques, part plants and gardening paraphenalia and scented Things. Soaps, lotions , all with the scents of spice and flowers and herbs, just up my alley.
I cannot find that sort of thing here. There is one shop that sells Chocolate soap. A friend mentioned that she bought it here, I have to go find it. I hope I don't sleep walk one night and wander into the bathroom, drawn by the scent of chocolate and take a bite out of the bar of soap.

Now it is time to cuddle a pup, complain to my husband about unreliable internet people and watch a movie on television. Thankfully, that still works.


  1. Hello Candice:
    Oh, what splendid news about Pup! You must be so thrilled to see little improvements every day and we are sure that, before too long, you will be wrting a post to say that he is back to full fitness.

    Beautiful soap in the bathroom is one of life's luxuries which we fully endorse. And yes, L'Occitane makes such wonderful products.

    Everything technlogical which you touch at the moment seems to be going wrong....rather like at our house!! We do hope that the problems will be sorted soon.

  2. I wish I could run those shopping errands for you. All the pup news is good news. Bravo, Pup! May the gods of the machines smile on you today and things be fixed.


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