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Monday, May 9, 2011


So, in case I haven't mentioned it lately, the people in Argentina, at least those we have met in Buenos Aires, are generally speaking, some of the kindest people we have ever met. Just walk over to a taxi with a dog on a leash, a blanket over your arm and ask him to drive you to the vet. They even try to speak English to you and want to know all about the dog.
Not one word about the cleanliness of a dog on the way to the vet, the hair ( which Pup doesn't worry about, he doesn't shed being a Poodle) but there have been plenty of taxi drivers in past lives that would not dream of having a large dog in their car.
Here, they do it with a smile and there is even a little love talk between driver and dog.

We had to go to a new vet office, I really liked the neighborhood.
As you get away from our area, the buildings are lower, there are more tree lined streets and it has much more of an "old" South American city look.
I like the idea of living in a house here. They all have walls and gates that lock and the gardens are always in back , hidden from view and safe and secure.
They have tiny houses here as well as grand large ones, I think it would be nice.
But then I would not have the Porter and neighbors who know us and speak for us when we are in need.
Which has not really happened , but I like to think of it as a back up in emergencies.

The vet said Pup is doing very well, stitches come out in about a week.
Biopsy results are not in and I am not even going to think about that. . nope, not one think.
He is also expected to wake up more.
I am keeping him fairly doped up on the pain pills but after tomorrow, he will probably need less and will be a little more perky.
And then I will sleep better and will be a bit more perky too.

Today driving home from Palermo, where the vet was located , we drove towards our neighborhood on this huge avenue called Libertador and you could see the high rises and big buildings ahead of us .. the sun was setting and the buildings all looked gold.
Driving down this very wide laned avenue, towards the gold buildings, it felt like we were on the way to the Enchanted City or some equally charmed place... well, actually we were, Buenos Aires has an air of enchantment about it.
It is Old World and it is Modern and the people have the manners and behaviors that some of us associate with "Old" days and times when people were more polite and well mannered.
I was very happy to be on the way home with the Pup and my husband and looking forward to a rest, today was stressful in a zillion little ways ..
I did not feel at all homesick or missing anything.
"Home" was just up the Avenue, waiting for us.

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  1. Glad that you and pup had a beautiful taxi ride through a lovely place and hope that he is better tomorrow and that the day will be less stressful for you. MtV


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