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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Resting and Healing

I am happy to be able to tell you that Pup made it through his surgery today with no complications and actually, in less time than was expected.
The Taxi came on time this morning, we were of course, already standing out there waiting .. the people at the hospital were great.
I can't say enough good about them. They all spoke some English, more than enough for us to know exactly what was going on at all times.
There were no surprises , unless you count his being finished earlier than they expected.
He had nothing else to worry about in there with his spleen which is now gone and he woke up nicely after he came out of his sleep.
He just opened his eyes and looked at me.
The vet said that some dogs will be so frightened and upset when they arrive at the vets, that they are so agitated that when they wake up, they wake up frightened and screaming.
Pup just opened his eyes and looked at me...which is how he went to sleep.
We stayed there for at least another hour while he warmed up and was checked every few minutes. We had 3 doctors working on him and checking on him.
And two of the most fabulous huge German Shepherds watching over the hospital while we were busy.
The taxi ride home was fast and easy with a sweet driver asking if Pup was okay and being really good about getting to the curb so we would be able to lift Pup out easily.
I guess the next few days will be mostly rest, take a pill ( 6 altogether) , rest, eat, rest, walk to the park, rest.
I will be sure to do it all with him so he is not lonely, I like the eat and rest parts the best.
Thank you all for your sweet emails and comments .
After this short intermission, we will be out in the streets of Buenos Aires again and will have lots of good stuff to talk about.
My computer is still crashed and I feel horrible at the thought of all the photos on that computer that might not be saved. Monday my computer Wizard will be here.. cross your fingers ~
muchas besos..


  1. Hello:
    We are so very pleased for you and Pup. This is such good news indeed. Now, you too, must try and relax and do not worry about the computer which we are certain will be sorted.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. So glad that all went well for Pup, and that this hasn't been a traumatic experience for him.

  3. So glad he weathered the storm--and that you did too.
    We are so attached to our beloved pets that their health issues can be indeed traumatic for us.
    Besos to you both!

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments !
    Pup had to have pain meds in the night but all in all, he slept pretty well. He is going around the house, trailing his white blanket, looking like a hairy Macbeths ghost this morning. I have high hopes he will heal amazingly fast !
    Happy Mothers Day !

  5. PUP!!! I'm so sorry I was not aware of all that has been going on with you... Mommy hasn't been on computer much and daddy is still getting the hang of this whole computer/blogging thing.

    We are all so happy that everything is going well and sounds like you will be exploring the parks and making people's days in no time... YOUR mommy deserves and extra Furbaby Mommy day , licks...sending you lots of licks ... Dolce ...

    P.S. mommy and daddy are saying prayers that you will heal quickly!!

  6. So glad I checked your blog today.
    So glad Pup is in recovery extra spoil mode.
    Although how he could possibly be extra spoiled is beyond me!
    Unless he gets your ration of pb

  7. Today has been a day of Pup naps and moving slowly and eating pretty well and sleeping some more.
    I am adapting my habits to Pup's , I like the eating and napping part the best.
    So far everything looks good.
    Speaking of PB .. he just had a few tastes :)

  8. danielle in japanMay 8, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    A speedy recovery Pup! From your doggy friends in Japan, Nana, Hana and Lulu.

  9. Oh, just catching up with you and sorry he (and you) have had to go through this but I'm also so very glad that all is well and that the nasty mass was found and gotten out...and that it wasn't the bad kind, what an ordeal!
    Now you all can rest together and body, mind and spirit.
    Big Hugs...
    xo J~

  10. Dear Pup,

    Who needs a stinking spleen? Kindof like that little thumb toe that hangs off my upper paw, what a waste of space!

    Happy to hear you are feeling better, we are sending you much love from the "dogwoods" of Connecticut!

    XO Cheddar


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