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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crashed and Other News

Hello from my husbands computer !
My computer, newly out of the hospital with new logic board etc , decided to scream at me this morning , quickly followed by dead silence.
Crashed is what I call it.

Yesterday Pup had his radiology appointment and it was a breeze.
He was in good spirits and frisky.
Today he continues to be cheerful and seems comfortable.
We are treasuring every moment.

Saturday morning he will have his surgery. We are promised that he will come home with us in the afternoon, evening.
They will not budge me from that hospital unless the Pup is with me.
Going to the telephone store today - did I mention that in my slightly muddle headed state this past week, I put my jeans in the wash with the cell phone in my pocket?
I realized it as soon as I heard that noise of something knocking on the washer window to be let out. But I was too late, it drowned.

So today we grabbed a taxi to go to the phone store and I think we got a good one this time.
The drivers name is Miguel and he has a dog and says that we can call him and ( he speaks English) he will come pick us up.
So he will be our Saturday ride.
His dog is an Argentine Dogo .. I am not anxious to meet her.
But he is very nice and drives a mini van sort of taxi that is perfect for the 3 of us.

This upcoming surgical event combined with the crashing of the computer, means that I am taking a little break.
I will be back , with more about Life in Buenos Aires and less about Vet appointments and nerves that are near the breaking point.
I think that is only fair to you all.
Muchas gracias for all of your comments !
See you soon .. besos...


  1. Please don't stay away too long, I (and I'm sure many others) will be anxious to hear about Pup. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Pup.

  2. Hello:
    You really are going through somewhat of a difficult time. And a computer breakdown at the moment is simply adding insult to injury.

    However, at the moment your priority is Pup, but we are sure that all will be well and we shall be thinking of you both at the weekend.

  3. So sorry Candice that you are ahving it all together !! do hope soon thta yo will be sailing im smooth waters in the maentime lots of love to you and Pup love fay xx

  4. Thinking of you and pup. Let us know how you do, you are in my thoughts and love from Oregon.


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