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Friday, May 13, 2011

Apple Lets Us Down

Before coming to Argentina, my husband bought us Apple computers .. mine is a desk top, a lovely white computer with a nice big screen so I can see the photos I take every day and post them on my blog and send them to my family and friends, far far away.

And now, 4 years later, my computer died, bit the dust, passed on .. The people here say that the computer is "discontinued" .
How can a computer that "old" be discontinued? And there are no parts ?
If we were in the US, would there still be a chance to get the hard drive / logic board ? or even ... get it fixed ?? but being here at the bottom of the world, Apple has let us down ..

Now someone tell me, where is the Logic in this ?
If you sell a product, should you not have the parts available ?
If you sell an expensive product, should it not last longer than 4 years ?

I see no logic in this.
I do not Heart Apple today.


  1. daniellekuriharainjapanMay 13, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    Hello, I hope Pup is getting better day by day. As for computers, I'm disappointed with my MAcbook. After a year the sound card broke - no sound, no music, no Skype - and it will cost a minimum of $500 to repair. My next computer will not be a MAc!

  2. Terrible.
    Very disappointing.

  3. Here in canada you could easily get a new drive or whatever it needs. It could be a simple wire loose. My husband is in the computer hardware business and frequently has issues with new parts that he has to send back. I now buy the least expensive laptop going and they seem just as good as the big flashy ones. You can certainly get your data back so don;t toss it yet.

  4. If they made it easy to contact them, I might be able to ask if this is just a South Americ problem or is this actually a computer that has been made obsolete in 5 years ..

  5. Thank you Anony/Tom, we will consider contacting MacDaddy.

  6. I have sent MacDaddy an email .. hopefully he will make everything okay :)


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