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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fall Back

Wherever we have lived, especially in New York, I have loved Autumn.
I missed it in Florida and while it was nice in Oregon, it was sort of wet.
So imagine my delight when we spent our first Autumn in Buenos Aires... it was a little longer than "up North" and while the trees do not turn the same fantastic colors, they do change color and they do lose their leaves and it is still crisp and cool and beautiful.
After what always seems like the Longest and Hottest Summer Ever ..
Autumn here is a gift.
This Autumn has been full of anxiety and worry and now that that is over, I am ready and willing to be out in the fresh , cooler air and to enjoy it while it lasts.
Pup is getting stronger every day and he is enjoying his time spent in the parks with us. Today we ventured a little farther, from one park to the next, taking photos, enjoying the fresh air.
I got a kick out of the sight of the wide avenue that has about 5 lanes of fast moving traffic, having a horse drawn carriage moving along at it's own pace, never mind the cars and motorcycles.
The produce markets are full of pears and blueberries and baskets of persimmons and strawberries.
I am in the mood to bake, so far we have a Blueberry Buckle in the fridge and tonight a Bread Pudding joined it.
I just got word of a new Indian restaurant that only provides take-away or delivery.. how did they know that is exactly the way I like it ?
So while you are basking in the Spring sunshine this weekend, remember us , way down here, relishing the crisp fall days and snuggling in the blankets in the cool fall nights.


  1. Hello Candice:
    Yes, we can well imagine the relief of the cooler days of Autumn and we are sure that this will be entirely to Pup's liking too.

    Whilst we, too, always look forward to summer sun, it can be unrelenting when it not only lasts the whole day but the whole night too. Ah yes, the cosy warmth of the blanket at night...bliss!

  2. Hi Candice Ive bee locked out of my blog wof a week so im glad to be back
    haooy to hear that Pup is getting on ok Itas back to 29 here mmmmm love fay xx


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