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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Lovely Fall Sunday

Aside from a minor meltdown over the loss of my computer, we had a lovely fall day.
We wandered the Feria with Pup, protected him from overly amorous dogs who were off- leash and un-controlled and enjoyed wandering the neighborhood and relaxing.
The weather is perfect ... I love Autumn, with the chilly nights, sunny days and no rain.
Tonight there is a Moon that looks like it will swallow the Earth.
I started to close the shades in the kitchen and there was this monster Moon shining out there !
Fabulous and I did not even attempt to get a photo .. moons are tricky .. they always just end up looking like a light in a black space.
We got another opinion on the state of the Computer Affair and the consensus is, there is no fixing it.
Tomorrow is another day, some smart woman said , I will figure something out and manage with things the way they are.
Now that Pup is feeling better, there is more freedom to wander farther away from home, I expect to do some wandering this week.
" Does my nose look big ?"


  1. Hola Candice! Counting the days to walk down those same streets and wandering that same fair...can't wait!!!! Sorry to read about your Apple ... :)

  2. Hello Candice:
    Oh dear, the computer sounds to be a gonner. Perhaps better to cut your losses and invest in a new one?!!

    A lovely picture of Pup to brighten our Monday morning.

  3. Yay...Pup is doing so much better, so relieved! His nose looks perfect!
    xo J~

  4. There are many computers used and new but there is only one Pup! Glad he is better. MtV


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