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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Riding in a Car

Today we went to the park. You know who loves the park, no matter how he feels.
This is what is going on ...
Pup has a mass on his spleen and has to have his spleen removed.
So we have been sort of shell-shocked by this.
He has been having tests every day.
He had a sonogram, echocardiogram and today was the radiologist.
Today was more important than we knew, when we went back to the vet to give her the films and she said with a smile, he has no metastasis ..
But he still has to have surgery. We will know in a few days or after the weekend, when.
I am bouncing from one emotion to another but today, without our even realizing it, the test was very important. So Pup still has some unpleasant days ahead and I might be taking some days off but there you have it.

The upside of the day for Pup was riding in the car.
We took a taxi to the radiologist and home. Pup loves riding in the car. He is a veteran car rider.
From the day when he was 3 months old and came home from the breeder with us, throwing up in my lap along the way, to driving from NY to Florida, from Florida to Oregon when we decided to try living on the West Coast and then he had to say goodbye to his car when plans were made to come to Buenos Aires.
Believe me, I tried to keep that car.
But we found out that duty on a car from the US to Argentina would cost about as much as the car cost new.
So we kissed it goodbye and got on the plane.

Pup was delighted to find that taxi drivers in Buenos Aires like him and don't mind giving him a ride.
He is a bit larger than your typical dog passenger... that might be a Schnauzer or a Mini-Poodle or even one of those pocket sized Yorkies.
But I never see the big dogs in taxis, well , I don't think many people do... you should see the looks we get when we zoom past in our taxi, back window open, Pup's head out the window, wind blowing his ears back , smiling big .. beeg smile.
And it is fun to see the smiles on the faces of the people we pass who see him.

Imagine spending your time with a creature that , without doing much of anything, just makes people smile.

So his test was done quickly and gently and he got to ride in the car.
He is blissfully unaware of worries and fear, just happy he got to ride in the car.
So we will be happy and try not to worry and maybe take him for another ride soon.

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