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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Love About Living in Buenos Aires

(With thanks to Amy at God I Love Paris for the idea of this post today)

I love the people. They are kind and caring and mostly polite.
I love the way they treat dogs. Even the lost and homeless dogs and cats are gently petted, fed scraps and while there are still way too many homeless dogs in this city, there are many kind people who adopt them and some take them out to their campos in the countryside to live.

I love the parks in my neighborhood.
I love the way they make safe children's playgrounds and fence them in.
I love the way people watch out for children, their own and others.

I love the Gardens.
Secret gardens, great huge public gardens, private gardens that you can see through the fence or over the wall .
I love the trees ! Great huge ancient trees.
I don't know their names, some are shaped strangely and some are like alien life-forms but they are all fascinating wonderful huge trees.

I love coming around a corner and finding something beautiful, unique or comical. A tiny Pink Fiat will do it , a cat snoozing on a wall where a large dog naps on the grass, the mounted police sitting on a bench in the shade at the park while their horses nap ..
I love the little cookie or sweet that they always give you when you order a cup of coffee.
I love the way the people reply when thanked, De nada ...
I love the way they always ask how you are, todo bien ?

I love the way our neighbors greet us on the street as if we were long lost relatives.
We just saw them yesterday, but they seem overjoyed to see us again !
Talk about feeling at home !

I love the skies. They are constantly changing, very dramatic and I can only think it is because I am now living at the Bottom of the World.

I love it that I can still go for a walk and discover a new area, a new street or even a new building. I have to live here a long time before I will feel like I have seen everything and then we know it will not be Everything.

I love the Produce markets.
I love the boys who work there, who always laugh when my husband pretends to throw something to them ... a tomato, a melon..
I love that people try to speak English to us, when they hear us (ME) stumbling along in my Spanish. I know it is just to avoid my completely mangling their beautiful Castellano.

I love the waiters.
They all act like your grandmother. Do you like it ? Do you want something else? Do you want more ? Dessert ? Muy bien !
They never write down an order, they remember who got what and how and they are fast.
They don't bother you until you ask for a check, they don't bother you until you let them know you want to order.
And if you go back to the same place twice, odds are, your waiter will remember you and what you ordered.

Shopping, window shopping, food shopping, dog toy shopping, shoe shopping, key chain shopping, scarf shopping, there are shops and places for individual things and then there are the malls and ferias where you can get it all in one spot.
I guess you could just say , Buenos Aires~ What is there not to love ?


  1. Hello:
    At the risk of appearing flippant, which is neither meant nor intended, we could say, and do, what a very lovely post!

  2. I love what a happy person you are. :)

  3. Amy, the feeling is mutual :)

  4. i loved my visit to BA.....and i love how the everything is a little more relaxed :)


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