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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us !

Today is the Fourth year Anniversary of our arrival in Buenos Aires!
I remember it all quite clearly.
We left Portland, Oregon in the morning of the 20th of April, Pup and my husband and I all packed and ready for our new life in Argentina.
Goodbye Portland, it was nice !
Pup knew which toys he wanted to bring...

I was mostly concerned about the flight for Pup, the apartment being good and were we really insane doing this ?
The taxi to the airport was great, the flight from Oregon to Texas was great.
The flight from Texas to Buenos Aires was good for the humans, the Pup might have a different story to tell.
We won't even think about it now .. I am thankful he lived, I promised him I would never do it to him again.
He forgave me right away.
He's like that, you know.
We arrived at an apartment in the neighborhood that we thought would be good , with two bedrooms, a big kitchen and serious need of cleaning and new furniture but it was cozy and had good views.
We were glad to be in the neighborhood and we made it our home for two months.
While we ran here and there with the paperwork one needs when immigrating to another country.
While we were fingerprinted and photographed and ran to various agencies countless times and got papers, books, passports etc, stamped.
Many stamps. They like to stamp things here.

And in the moments when we were not taking a paper to be stamped somewhere, we were looking for a home.
The manager of the apartment dropped the news on us one day that they had rented the apartment out to someone else for two weeks.
We would have to move then move back.
Needless to say, we found another apartment and moved.
And then we found our home.
Which took about two months to be renovated, which went on after we had moved in.
But eventually, they all left and it was the three of us again, in our new home, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We still speak a very mangled Castellano, we still have not been to so many places.
But we do feel at home, we have made friends, we manage.
My husband manages much better than I do at many more things but that is what a marriage is, right ? one of you is just better at some things than others.
Pup is good at being Pup. And that is sufficient for us.
(I also think he understands more Spanish than he admits to )

Hey ! I like it here !

So here we are.. Four years later ...
Happy Anniversary to Us !!


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    But why did you move to Argentina?
    I love Argentina but I don't think that I would move there for good...especially as I don't speak Spanish.

  2. Thank you, Belle. Well, I guess you would have to go back to the beginning ..
    Anyone can learn to speak Spanish !
    I guess we are just adventuresome and enjoy living in different cultures. Or we are just crazy. Whatever ... we are having fun.

  3. What an adventure to move like that. Good for you. It's the only way to really learn the language and get a feel of the country.

  4. Thank you ! Yes, it is an adventure !
    Many people here speak at least 3 languages, they teach English early .. the language isn't a problem, it is the drivers ! lol

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!! Pup it seems is just as thrilled with BA as you two and has probably picked up a few bits of Spanish himself, in doggie of course!
    To the brave threesome!!!
    xo J~

  6. Thank you, you are right, of course. Pup understands Español, definitely.

  7. Hello:
    All of these things are, we believe, sent to try us, not least the papers to be stamped when attempting to live in another country. But, you have survived, and Pup too!

    We had similar experiences with our cats. Try exporting live animals from the UK! Congratulations on your anniversary and a very Happy Easter.

  8. Jane & Lance .. In the past, we considered moving to the UK but the pet ordeal was not for us.. Thank you, happy holidays to you too !

  9. Hi Broad! I have a standard poodle as well (he is my favorite child) and we are hoping for my DH to get a job overseas in the next few years. I assumed we couldn't take Divi with us, but you were able to take Pup. Can you tell me a little about that? What hoops did you have to jump through? (I am tempted to make a poodle/circus/hoop jumping joke but will refrain since I want you to write back to me) Thanks for any info you can give, and I really like your blog.


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