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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is the way to lie in the grass ....

We took Pup to the park and sat on a bench like every other old couple does. With our young whippersnapper Pup, who sat and stared at us until he got tired, so he lay down on the sidewalk.
I had to get up and show him the grass and explain how much nicer it is to lie in the grass.
He missed the mounted police who went by.
Good thing. He would have gone running, yodeling, making a scene.
It looks green but it is definitely getting more Autumnal.
More leaves are on the ground, birds, especially parrots are very busy .. nests being built, couples quibbling over where the kids will sleep.. it is the same, the world over.
We stopped at the produce market on the way home for salad makings.
I have to remember to start trying A Fruit a Day. I have not eaten some of these things and I am curious.
I have been enjoying fresh apples, Fall= Apple Time!
It is also Mango time. I think I will stick with the apples for pies though.
I feel better. Leg improving every day.
Pup feels better, pretty much his old self. The weather is good.
Everything stops on Thursday. Holidays .. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.
I expect we will enjoy a beautiful, quiet , less crowded Buenos Aires.


  1. I've done many things with grass...but lying in it isn't one of them...until now...;-)

  2. Sounds perfect to me. I love pictures of that sweet dog ... twin of mother's dog! And I don't think I can handle you talking about fall while I shiver and pray for spring.

  3. Hello:
    Lying in the grass is one of the simple pleasures of life which Pup, having now had the experience, needs to take on board.

    The fruit stall looks particularly tempting. We should certainly be there!

  4. Four Dinners... lying in the grass, similar to rolling in the hay. Try it, I bet you like it :)

    anymommy .. Fall/Winter in BA is nothing like your fall and winter.. I would have a hard time handling it too if it were not so mild and pretty here all year long.

    Jane & Lance .. Hello ! Pup is a pro at lying in the grass, dirt, sidewalk, leaves.. there are days that I think he will lie down on the steps going to the park!
    Yes, you should be here :)


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