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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today and Tomorrow

You might notice that there is a little addition to my Blog List.. over on the right.
I thought I would keep a separate blog for my photos, I hope you go look and I hope you like them. Let me know. It has just begun so expect many more new photos each day.

Now back to today .. As Goldilocks would have said, It is not too hot, not too cold, it is Just Right.
The skies are their usual amazing blue and the sun is bright, thankfully there is a good breeze blowing to keep it comfortable.
We had a boring morning of things involving Paperwork and going here and there, tomorrow is Immigrations again.
Yes, kids, that time has come again.. whereas I and my (much more patient than I ) husband go to Immigrations at the crack of dawn ( I think this is the part that is the worst for me) and get our number, sit on hard seats among what always seems like thousands of people from all over the planet, mostly China and Peru and wait for our turn to be told that they still cannot find our file and that while we are Permanent Residents, we don't have that special Permanent Stamp in our Passport and our DNI book ( National ID)... so come back in three months and let's do this again ...
I think this was an episode on the Twilight Zone .. you never get any farther than this .. but you always get to go sit in that building ..
So that is the plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow night depends on the outcome.
I will come home and tell you that we will talk about this again in 3 months. ( bet you can't wait fort that !) or I will tell you about the celebration we will have because we will be finished with this immigration stuff and can relax and just Be Here.
Wherever you are in the World, I hope you are warm, safe and well.


  1. we have a black poodle...the second...poodles are very special dogs, don't you think? Sometimes I have the feeling that they even aren't dogs but something between children and dogs... cute pic.

  2. Absolutely more than a dog. .
    He is our 2nd also.
    He has no idea that he is a dog though .. shhhhh ~

  3. Hi. I often read your blog. It's fun and informative and I love dogs too. I have two Japanese Shibas and an Egyptian Basenji. I live in Japan -- I'm French-Canadian and my best friend here is from Buenos Aires. Hello to Pup too.

  4. Those hard seats will be slowly but surely shaping themselves to you backsides. Good with all that stuff.

    As as doggy-lover you might want to read this ...

  5. Danielle, thank you ! We have a close connection to Japan, how wonderful that you live there ! Pup sends his regards, as he waits patiently for me to get off the computer and take him back to the park.

    Symdaddy, thank you for making me cry.
    The visit to the Land of Red Tape went well, blog about that later.
    besos. C


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