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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Why do we never see people at Immigrations like these ?
We do see families like this..
Today we both woke at 5 am. We had to go to Immigrations.
( We are permanent residents but they lost our paperwork or the part that they needed in order to give us a Stamp in our Passport that makes us Permanent. )
We have been going to Immigrations at least twice a year since we arrived and this year we were there every 3 months since last July.
We arrived, handed our papers to the person at the desk, only 2 others ahead of us.
We waited a very long time.
Then the lady called us over..
Oh, here comes the part where she tells us that they can't find a paper so we will get a temporary stamp and come back in three months ... but no, she smiles and tells us to follow her, it is done ... WE GOT IT !!
So we follow her, pinching ourselves, is it true ? is she just teasing us ?
And then she put us in another line and told us to wait there.
Those people took care of us quickly and efficiently then we were directed to a 3rd building ! Where we were treated very nicely ( remember, our Castellano sounds like we are speaking Poodle) and they said that we would have an appointment and come back next week.
Then it will be officially over..
Next week there is going to be a Celebration!!

Home to walk a sleepy Pup and relax and let the good news sink in .. ran errands and walked Pup but by then it was so hot, we didn't dally too long.
He was fine with it, Pup likes his air- conditioning .. that's my boy.

So as of now, I have been up for 12 hours and dinner won't be for hours and I have a feeling I will fall asleep in my dish. Or not even make it til the dish comes!

Tomorrow.. maybe shopping, maybe the cinema .. but for sure, tonight ... Sleep ...
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  1. Yay for the passport stamp! Such a bunch of paperwork and lines to keep all those people cashing a paycheck. Glad it went well for you. Now get some rest.

  2. Whoopee, but why do you have to go back next week?
    Anyway, it's one less headache.

  3. Thank you Leenie, si, Anony , muy bueno !
    Cherie, they do it by appointment now, so it will be painless, just putting off that final final stamp a few more days.
    Then we will celebrate.. if we stay awake lol

  4. Wunderbar!

    Are we all invited to your party?

  5. Congrats. I am on a a temp visa (in Chile) for now, which has come with its own consequences. In Sept I'll have to apply for a permanent one. I do not look forward to it. Sometimes the paperwork processes we have to live through remind me a lot of Kafka's "The Trial" did you ever read that? If not, you shoule read a few chapters and then you can say "This is so Kafka-esque" it is what all the cool kids say ;-)


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