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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Buenos Aires is Perfect

The heat finally broke after the rain and jungle damp that was yesterdays weather .. we woke to bright sunshine, blue blue skies and a nice cool breeze.
It has been about 74ºF all day. I like it !
After a long lazy morning (I have lost my ambition to get up and out of the house before noon).. we left Pup at home and went to buy bread at our favorite French bakery and check out something new my husband discovered today.
A new ice cream place. O M G ....
From the review he read, we decided to go see what it was like, from our experience there, I want everyone reading this to hurry up and come visit so you can go have some fabulous gelato, in an incredible room, in an amazing French building.
We had Pistachio and Chocolate Orange Gelato. Creamy with no cream. Not too sugary but sweet enough ! And some of the strongest Italian coffee that I have had in a while, sweetened with little sugared orange rinds.
I am in love with Arkakao Gelato ..

The room we sat in had crown moldings , all kinds of moldings on at least 20 ft high ceilings with a big chandelier hanging and a huge window to look out to the street.
The waiters wear white shirts, grey trousers and vests with tails.
For an ice cream parlor.
I love it.
After swooning over the gelato, we walked around the corner, got the bread, came home and off to the park with Pup.
Where he made friends with the pigeons that I fed ..
I spilled bread crumbs on my feet, the pigeons were practically standing on my feet while eating, fluttering wings hitting my ankles, it was all gentle and very sweet...
I had this feeling of being someone else .. Cinderella ? Snow White ??
Then Pup came over to say hello and they left .. in a huff. Moody birds.
We pondered the height of the palm trees in the park and the blueness of the skies and just totally enjoyed an almost perfect weather day in Buenos Aires.
I really hated to come back inside.
I think tonight, after dark, we might go for another walk with Pup. Through the neighborhoods, all the people sitting at all the outdoor cafes, children still up and running around, sneaking peeks into open windows .. I am always curious about how other people decorate their homes.
This is when Buenos Aires is perfect.


  1. Hi What a lovely story and thanx for the sunshine !!! and gelato Its pretty chilly in Firenze about 6 degs brrrrr but i still have my daily gelato and it was good to hear about the SUN I mad a big vegeatble broth tonight ! Certainly take an evening stroll ! ENJOY fay xx

  2. Fay, that is too cold. Come to BA. besos

  3. Of course a place like that would be in Recoleta, another world to me. Thank goodness Las Violetas is not far from my barrio!

  4. That weather sounds superb and so does the gelato. Take a stroll without snow in the way for me.

  5. Sounds divine. Love your photo of the buildings and thanks for the tip off about Shalom Harlow. Merci Carla


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