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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Summer Green

After spending some time in a dark well air-conditioned movie theater, we took Pup to the park. It seems to be peaking in summer beauty. There are trees flowering, huge bees buzzing around and the birds seem to be ecstatically happy. Pup is content to wander, sniff, wander.
I don't know the names of most of these trees but the flowers are like huge pink lilies.They make walking under the trees almost dangerous at times, the dead flowers on the ground are slippery.

I have no idea what kind of trees these are, in English or in Spanish, but they are my favorites. The way their branches wind and tangle and the beautiful graceful shapes.
I hope you enjoyed a tiny taste of summer and greenness .


  1. Beautiful photos! We don't have any parks in my barrio of Boedo, so I content myself with looking at the summer skies!

  2. Thank you Cherie ! Glad to see you :)


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