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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today and the Weekend

Today was lunch at the Evita Museum Cafe with friends who are visiting.
It remains hot and sticky, I remain mostly cranky and sleepy.
Lunch was nice though, we had Sidre and salads and I probably still carry the slight aroma of garlic from the Calamari that I had. I should have followed it with something densely chocolate but it slipped my mind.
So now, while I wait for dinner to be delivered, I am fantasizing over those Molten Chocolate cakes they serve in restaurants here. Why didn't I just order chocolate cake for dinner ?
Why do I always think of these things Too Late?
I have high hopes that the temperatures will not be so dreadfully high and we can go antiquing. I am looking forward to a day at the Flea Market, stumbling onto some old hidden treasure. I know, dream on, but it is fun anyway.
We actually found our lights that hang in the living room in a flea market. They are crystal, antique and wonderful and it takes very close examination to see that they are not exactly matched. But no one is climbing a ladder to get a closer look .
I was thinking that someday it will be Winter again and I was liking the idea of having some old "real" China teacups for our afternoon tea, rather than the big mug type cups we use. That would be fun to search for at the Marché ..
I was also wishing I had bought that Bentwood rocker we saw a few years ago so maybe there will be another one. I have all sorts of redecorating plans, which will go into effect, IF it ever cools off.
I also want to go to Palermo and visit my favorite shop, Paul and have lunch in my favorite Mexican place , Xalapa ..
I can't say it now and I can't say it after having one of their amazing Margaritas.
I might even buy shoes. Who knows, stranger things have happened.
So that is the plan, if you can call my vague mental meanderings a plan .. the heat has gotten to me. Where is dinner?


  1. I would love to see photos of a flea market there. I love to see markets from around the world.

  2. Oooh Flea Markets, Shoe Shopping, Molten Lava Cakes, and Margaritas.... sounds FABULOUS... and I TOO would love to see photos from the Flea Market!!! Please do share!!!! xx

  3. hi!! I stopped by to throw a snowball your way to cool you off! 95?! yikes!
    I'm envious of your antique shopping.... I have heard that Argentina is "the" place to shop- like the France and Belgium of the past few years. just typing those word conjures up images of sugarplums and fabulous antiques dancing in my head!! (our barn room doors are from A and they are so pretty) I think that your lights (are they sconces?) not matching is a true sign of age... that's a good thing! they sound beautiful! happy shopping and I'll blow some cool your way!!


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