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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

Vintage Victuals

The title says it all. Great looking blog, great recipes, all the stuff that a lot of us grew up on.
I grew up in North Carolina. My grandmother made Everything from "scratch" .. In the summer, she would hand my cousin and I buckets and send us out to pick blackberries and she would make cobblers. We would come back, hands and faces stained purple and chigger bites all over us, we would sit outside in the yard and wait for our prize while we sat and scratched our bites.
So now I can practice making things that , if not actually old fashioned and from scratch, they will taste like it. I might even try that with my hair ..
Go look, say hello, let me know if you found a recipe you like.

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  1. Great idea for a blog, thanks so much for sharing! I cannot wait to have more time to spend making things, I love making things and always have lots of good intentions. I think that it's such a shame that we have lost the skills of our mothers or grandmothers... most of the women I know in France can't sew on a button or take up a hem :( they are pretty good cooks though but I'm sure that is even being lost in time... I don't know any that are good at baking mind.


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