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Monday, January 31, 2011

Is that blurry ?

I need new glasses. I am holding books farther away. I sit farther away from the computer. I am no longer able to just look at a map, I have to put my glasses on first. That is after I take off the sunglasses. Which probably need a new prescription too. I am wearing my "driving" glasses to watch television now .. and I find that I need them at the movie theatre.
I refuse to stick anything in my eye so contacts are not going to happen, so I am doomed to carry around a pair of reading glasses, a pair of distance glasses and wear my sunglasses.
Once I forgot to bring the distance glasses and ended up trying to watch a movie with my sunglasses on. The people around me probably thought I was blind, I was almost, it was all a bit dark.
And even if I don't need new reading glass prescriptions, I need new glasses. I fear mine are old fashioned. I see the women walking around here and they look much cooler than I do. I am not going to get those very big framed ones, I would look like Mr Magoo or something, but I do need to update my eyeglass wardrobe.
The sunglasses are still good. I have a pair of big black framed movie star glasses.. will just be sure the lenses are black , no seeing my eyes !
I also have a vintage pair of Armani sunglasses that I want to get new lenses in, mirrored. They will be there for me when I am feeling "cool" .. Like when we go to Palermo Soho and I want to blend in with the natives.
It is pouring rain and has cooled off about 10- 15 degrees.
If it stops raining, I will be happy to go out... otherwise, I am in the house again. Thinking about what to make for dinner. (this is not good.) I should be thinking about what shoes to buy that will go with my new glasses.
Have a Good Monday ! I hope your weather is tolerable and that you are able to see what I have said here .. if not, I can recommend a great eye doctor .. and you can have a nice vacation at the same time ! Nothing wrong with that !


  1. I used to be mildly short sighted but my eyes went 'pear-shaped' over the years so there were days when I used to wish I was an orang-outang just so I could read a book.
    Now I am short sighted in my left eye and long sighted in my right ... but they are closing the gap on each other as I age.

  2. There's always no line bi and trifocals. Need only one pair for reading and distance. Work with any frame. Cost a little more but you're not spending all your time switching glasses, looking for glasses, stashing glasses 'cause they're on your face. Works for me.

  3. Leenie, I can see without glasses when just walking around, but I have very light eyes so wear sunglasses all year round. I need reading glasses and long distance glasses. It is easier for me to have a pair for each purpose than to have to remember to look through the top or the bottom .. I would end up crashing into walls and falling down all the time lol.

  4. I'm always ripping my glasses off of my face because I can't see close up with them and losing them. How do you keep track of two pairs? MtV

  5. I just got some glasses for exactly the same reasons! It sounds like progressive lenses would be helpful to you. That way, you would only need two pairs: one for sunglasses and one for everything else. :-) My BF went one further: he got progressive lenses with matching clip-on sunglasses.

  6. I am going to the eye doctor this month.
    I will discuss the eyeglass options with him.
    But for sure, I am getting prescrips for the glasses .. all of them.


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