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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Computer woes

Back to the Computer Hospital. The doctors lied, it is not cured, it needs far more surgery and medication.
See you when I can post again !!
Chau ! from a grey, warm, wet Buenos Aires !!


Pearl said...

You have my sympathies! My computer has been down two and three weeks at a time three times in the last two years.

Leaves one feeling oddly pants-less, somehow...


Greetings from Mpls,


Symdaddy said...

I'm lucky! I have five PCs in the house.

Anonymous said...

Love the sympathies. I hope the patient is home soon, cured.

a Broad said...

Pearl, definitely a feeling of pants-less.. and mute also ..

Symdaddy, you are lucky ! We only have 2 and Someone is not That anxious to share with someone who is Always jabbering away on Blogs.

Anony, Thank you. The patient is here. Not cured, maybe diagnosed. We will avoid any further trips to the hospital ( another one, a new one) until more signs of deterioration show up. The Logic Board.. she is going.

I have no Logic Board and have been fine all my life ~

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