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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey, Who is the New Kid ??

Every day we go to the park with the dog.
Pup lucked out when our wish for a home as near to a park or green space, came true , when we found an apartment that we loved just a block from huge parks. He has his choice of which park to go to, the one with the incredible large trees and a cafe where he can have water , hang out and pup watch while mom and dad have their coffee and people watch.
He can roam around the park where he can greet tourists, get his photo taken (we are positive that there are millions of photos of Pup, in family albums marked "Our Vacation", all over the world) , he can go to the Museum Park and enjoy the statues and in summer watch the children swim and play in the reservoir, and more. Lucky dog.
Everywhere he goes people want to pet him, but everywhere he goes, dogs want to meet him too.
As we have found out, some dogs want to get to know him a little more intimately than he would like so we have had to be sure to control the dog encounters that advance beyond a sniff and a bounce around ..
Pup is friendly but he is still a large male dog that prefers to be Left Alone sometimes.

There is a homeless couple living in one of the parks. I think they sleep in a shelter of some sort, but they spend their days in the park, on a bench or on the ground near the bench, under a huge tree.
They have a mattress, they have coolers and bags and just recently, there is a new member of their little family.
A tiny puppy. An adorable tiny puppy. I have done my best to keep Pup away, the puppy obviously has not had shots and is so small, would be terrified of Pup, but no, the little one wanted to meet Pup yesterday.
Pup was all wiggles and happy to meet the baby. The baby is about the length of Pups nose. The bonding was immediate.
I know that even though they may move on, Pup will always look for the Baby when he goes to that park now.
The lady and I spoke, my Spanish was there for me at that moment and now I feel the need to do things for them. Not sure what, I never want to offend, just to be helpful, so this is something I will ponder and work on.

My computer remains at the hospital, maybe they will call today and say it was easily repaired/replaced/cured and I should come get it.
The weather is getting hotter, more humid and storms are forecast. I need my computer.

But it is still not raining so maybe we will take Pup to a park, have lunch at a cafe and plan Things To Do.


Dash said...

Ahh, love the photo, Crusoe adores puppies but as he is an entire male situations change as they grow! Difficult to know how best to help the homeless couple, probably get to know them a bit first, find out their most pressing needs.

Hooray, finally had success on following you.

Anonymous said...

May we see a photo of the baby....preferably with his Poodle Boy mentor?

Mariette said...

Dearest Candice,

Great photo and any Pup is always a great meet-and-greet subject for humans and furry friends!
Enjoy the walks to the park of Pub's choice.
Lots of love,

Mariette's Back to Basics

a Broad said...

Dash, that is exactly what I am doing, today we shared a laugh .. I actually managed a joke in Spanish .. I am SO glad you are following !

Anony, I will take the camera with me next time we go to the park . . promise. That puppy is soooo adorable. Now he has a little red collar and leash ..

Mariette, thank you dear and yes, isn't that true?! We meet people every day because of Pup... my little Ambassador.

High Heeled Life said...

hi there..

we have been enjoying the beautiful sites of Buneos Aires... and loving every minute...Palermo and Recoletta are my two fav areas so far... It´´s great to see all the doggies in the parks here... but it makes me miss Dolce and Stella... I have missed your wondeful posts... I am finally at a hotel with great WIFI and no voltage converter for my lap top...but the hotel business centre is a little less busy today ..and so I don´´t feel guilty taking up computer time...Hope the new year has gotten off to a great start.. will catch up when I am back on North American soil... XO HHL

a Broad said...

HHL, try to find us in the park in Recoleta. You know what Pup looks like :)

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