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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Needs a Logic Board ??

My husband bravely set forth today with the (my) computer in its bag, to the Apple Doctor who obviously misdiagnosed the illness that was showing up in the past few weeks.
A tendency to Sleep too much, Not want to wake up, Cranky when it was awake and generally Lacking in Interest in doing any work at all.
Now I know this sounds like a perfect description of Me, but my computer is good.. smart .. fast... never lets me down.
So we knew something was wrong. And we are not the ones to fix it.

We were told it was nothing, they put a disc in, it is fine.
Pay at that desk over there.

Today the computer would not wake up, went right back to sleep, no sign of being Fine.

Angry husband makes phone calls, grabs computer, jumps in a taxi and off they go.
Apparently, they forgot to inform my husband yesterday that they Hoped it was OK and they Hoped the disc would help and they did Not know what was wrong but it Might be the Logic Board.
But ..... they don't have anymore Logic Boards.
This is Apple. They are all over Buenos Aires ( the World) ... how can they not have an elemental part for a computer?

I have no Logic Board and I am OK. These things confound me.

So at least they gave him a phone number of someone who might have the board, would be able to fix it. Husband made phone call, man spoke English, help is there if we need it.

By the way. ... there is No Logic in any of this ... Welcome to Buenos Aires.


  1. Sounds so frustrating! Hope you have your board soon!! Mt. V

  2. Thank you ! Right now the computer is working like a dream. I am afraid to leave it alone, it will decide to stop working.
    But for now it is fine again :)


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