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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Christmas Tree

So we put up the Christmas tree last night , did all the lights and we think it looks pretty good. The wreaths are hung also but we were having a thunder storm when I was taking photos and for some reason, nothing was in focus . But this will give you an idea of the decorating going on in our house for another Christmas in Buenos Aires.
It was very warm and humid, Pup was not that interested in doing anything at the park but sitting in the grass, looking at us.
We had a laugh when we arrived at the park. Pup was walking under a tree and a bird flew down, dive bombed Pup, hitting him in the back with her legs/feet. Pup jumped.
The bird flew into the tree, Pup went back to sniffing and bam, she hit him again.
I walked over and thought I would see if she would try it with a human there when my husband said, she is protecting her baby. And there it was, a little bit of feathers, big beak, tiny bird, at the base of the tree. So we all moved back, Pup reluctantly, he reeeally wanted to sniff that little Thing. And mama continued her watch over her baby.
They are filming a ... commercial, movie or as the man at the bakery says, Propoganda, down at the end of our block. So on one side are all the film trucks, equipment, make up and wardrobe trucks, "honey wagon " ( food) and they had to spoil our fun and 1- block off where we always walk, 2- not let us close enough to see if there was a recognizable movie star. Recognizable to us would be maybe one actor ..
We meandered home and the storm hit. Later, we will walk over to the nearest ice cream shop for dessert.. quite an exciting day... I hope you can sleep after reading this.
Speaking of sleep .. I am letting " sleeping dogs lie"


  1. Your home looks so warm & festive...and Pup looks pooped!
    xo J~

  2. Thank you, yes, Pup deflates after dark :)
    He and the Rug, they just lie there.


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