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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Trivia ( you may call it babble)

It has been raining all day. The sun might try to make a come-back. It will probably be a steamy come-back.
If it has to be hot, in my opinion, it should be dry heat. Arizona dry.
I actually enjoyed the year that Argentina had a drought.
Of course it was entirely self-centered and I do appreciate the problems it caused the farmers and ranchers and I regret the loss of all the cattle and horses who died ... but it was a dry summer and then there were fires which made things even worse for the farmers and ranchers and it was hard to breathe in the city, but there were no mosquitoes.
See, I can find the positive in a bad situation !

Pup is bored. He goes from room to room, lays down, sighs, lies quietly then gets up and goes somewhere else.
If I get up, he is up and at my side immediately. I hate to move now, I will sit here for a while and let him get some rest.
The housekeeper has gone.
We can all relax.

Housekeeper day- no cooking.. not in that shiny clean kitchen !
Tonight's choices are Chinese, Indian, Italian or Pizza.
Which would you choose?

I have been trying to make things look Christmas-y .. 2 wreaths hanging inside, candles here and there ( although there are always candles here and there) and some tree ornaments hanging off of chandeliers and door knobs.
I want to buy some peonies and roses, ( I saw them on my friend Amy's blog (God I love Paris) and they charmed me and made me determined to have them here too .. in the Paris of South America..

I would also like to put some potted plants around and maybe get some more shiny objects to hang on the chandeliers.. in case someone ( like myself) has the attention span of a bird and shiny things catch their eye.

I am blaming all of my loss of attention span and memory on the fact that I read online , so much that I forget everything I have just read, or worse, remember it but not where I heard/read it .. making me one of those people who just babbles half baked theories and facts ..
I need help.
There are no Christmas cards here. Hallmark does not live in Buenos Aires.
I have to make my own, send cards in Spanish that are not exactly Christmas cards .. or send e-cards.
I know everyone understands but I hate sending e-Christmas cards. It is so impersonal.
I used to have such long lists of cards to send.
I bought only Christmas stamps, I made sure that I got the International cards out early enough .. wrote with the special pen, sitting with my Christmas music playing, cup of tea nearby, cat/pup sleeping nearby.. now I sit at the computer, typing out email addresses.
I do have a small porcelain Santa on the desk though !

I bought these beautiful blouses at the store over a week ago. I now have this urge to "save" them for something special.
Therefore every time we are going for a walk, I spend too much time trying to find Something to Wear.
Although I would look a bit pathetic walking the dog in the park with my beautiful float-y silky "hippie" blouse .. the lady that sleeps on the bench might appreciate it .
I noticed that she has colored her hair.
She has no home, she sleeps on a bench and carries a large bag full of Things and she has managed to get her white/grey hair semi-dyed orange. I wondered briefly if some bad person thought it funny to put something in her hair, but no, it is growing out now, white roots, grey roots, orange streaks.
I found out the hard way (twice) that she does not appreciate gifts of food or drink. So I just smile at her now.

I have no idea what we are doing this weekend. I imagine we will be in a park a few times, walking a few miles and no doubt eating and drinking .. Pup will be included in at least some of it .. Maybe a feria .. buy something from one of the artisans. There are several to choose from, ferias, not artisans, although there are many of them ! There is my neighborhood, then Palermo and then San Telmo. There is no excuse for not buying presents in this city .. remember that, if you are ever here. You have to buy presents. For everyone and yourself.

Now to go buy Flowers.. TGIF !!

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