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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Life is Wonderful..
The holidays can make things tough for some people, some are homesick , some miss family far away .. Remembering that you are well and that everyone you love is well can help.
But wherever you are, whatever you are doing, sometimes the best way to remind yourself of how wonderful life can be, is to take a walk. Down a country road, down a city sidewalk, through a meadow, through the woods, along a beach, through the neighborhood.
At this time of year, the signs of the season are there to be enjoyed , which can cheer a person up. ( hopefully) .. I mean really, it you don't get a kick out of the house on the block that is totally , completely covered in colored lights, with reindeer, sleds and inflated Santas on the lawn, then I am gonna call you Scrooge.
OK, I will agree with you too, there is such a thing as Too Many Decorations. Ask Clark Griswald.
Today we took a walk.
One of us is still not feeling 100 % well and the other is fighting off the germs from , well , me.
Pup feels good though.. as you will see. He met a new friend today in the park.
A Pup look-alike!

We saw a side to Pup that has not been shown lately , bouncing , butt in the air, Playful Pup .. no sign of being Old and Tired Pup.
It was worth going out in the chilly wind to see that.
The Ferias are in full swing.. Shoppers are crowding the parks, entertainment is everywhere, from drummers to singers to jugglers and more.
We walked across the park to the bridge that takes you to the Law School .. a Most Impressive Building !
The gardens in the park on the way .. Christmas and flowers are blooming everywhere.
But at home there are more signs of the Season, more Christmas Cheer.

Remember .......Life is Wonderful ~


  1. Cute photos of pup. And thanks for re-introducing me to Paolo Conte. I had an album of his years ago but haven't listened in awhile. Great stuff.

  2. Nice pics of Pup and Mini-me-pup.

  3. PurestGreen, Thank you. I get into these "ruts" where I listen to Paolo Conte and Johnny Halliday, over and over ... Their music sticks in your head :)

    Symdaddy, Thanks, today Big Pup will be on the look-out for the Mini-Pup..

  4. C'est vrai - life IS wonderful. Thank you for the lovely reminder. I'm happy to see pup has an Argentine doppleganger!

  5. I swear I heard that song in Mexico and it stayed with me.Thanks now I know who that singer is. Mt Vernon


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