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Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday is a Holiday

I remember ( in the past) when hearing that, I would get so excited, start planning outings, meals, buy tickets , make plans!
Now , first thing I do is go to Google and see, what Holiday?
Then I try to figure out how it will impact my nice quiet life where I can depend on week days to be My days and weekends we will be happy to share with everyone else.
I live close to huge parks and in one of them is a "hippie feria" .. this is where artisans make things during the week and sell them in the parks on weekends. There are musicians and people making food and selling fresh squeezed orange juice and choripan .. pork sausages roasted on a grill then served in a big hot dog bun. I am saved from possible food poisoning/gastric distress by not eating red meat, but they do smell good.
I also stay away from the orange juice, after seeing a program on cable about food poisoning and how you should wash the skins of melons and oranges etc .. I had to stop reading and watching these things after a while, I worried there would be no food safe to eat ! ( according to the 'experts')
So here we are, Thanksgiving week where there is no Thanksgiving. Monday is a holiday of unknown origins. It is hot, summer has arrived, sometime around 10 am, I believe.
The weekend should be fun. If I can think of what to do .. something fun ..
I , personally would like to go shopping for Christmas presents but we always seem to leave that til last minute, or the holiday might be too peaceful.. we need that little bit of anxiety to truly appreciate our peaceful Christmas ..
Maybe we will go to Palermo and eat .. Mexican, with margaritas that numb your entire face . Somewhere cool and trendy that serves interesting dishes that I have loved in the past but I forget as soon as I walk out the door.
I can't even buy and send out Christmas cards. They don't sell them here in English and I am afraid that none will arrive at their intended destination .. at least I can depend on online greeting cards. And I don't have to send them weeks ahead of time ! I can leave it til the very last minute !
There will be no turkey roasting here on Thursday, I don't even know if they sell turkeys here. But I won't be roasting anything in the oven on a hot summer day, so unless they move Thanksgiving to July down here, we are probably going to a restaurant for dinner.. air conditioned.

So Monday is a holiday , I wonder if there will be parades or just some demonstrations and flags waved, slogans shouted, some new graffiti on the wall somewhere .. I can't keep up.
Now back to what do we want to do tomorrow ?

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  1. the good thing about all Argentinian holidays is there will be music, lots of music. Have fun!


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