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Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Reason to Love Buenos Aires

This is one of the many reasons why Buenos Aires is so fabulous !
They love Music here. They appreciate it, they encourage it and it is Everywhere !
We walk all the time here, all over all the neighborhoods.
A mother will come out of a building with a baby in a stroller, singing a song to the baby.
Singing well and loud enough for us to appreciate it too.
A young man is on the bench in the park, with his guitar, ignoring everyone, plucking strings, suddenly he starts to play and sing, still ignoring everyone.
There are small bands , maybe 3 people, who will be playing instruments, you can drop money in the case, you can buy a CD, you can just keep walking and find yourself humming the tune for the rest of the day.
Most of the shops that you walk past, will have some sort of music playing, some loud enough that some people have been known to stop and just pretend to look in the window, until the song ends.
I don't know how many CD's I have bought because I heard the song in a store first.
There are often events in the city where the public is welcome to come and listen to music and watch dance for free. This is wonderful. Thanks to my friend Sandra at BATravelGuide I have marked the next big musical event in my calendar and definitely plan to be on 9 de Julio at the Obelisk Monday night!
Carmina Burana ! if the music weren't wonderful enough, there will be ballet to watch too !

And then the following Saturday, La Traviata with ballet.
La Traviata

There will be a stage built for the occasion and 8,000 seats for the audience..with giant screens to watch.
We saw Zubin Mehta conducting the Colon Orchestra a couple of months ago, wonderful .. and as far as you can see, people are quietly sitting, listening, enjoying. They love and appreciate music here ..
Another reason to love Buenos Aires.


  1. A culture of arts is one worth living in, I agree.

    Buenos Aires sounds like a wonderful place.


  2. Oh you lucky girl. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like you live in a corner of Paradise ... 'cept for the buses and taxis.


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