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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Riding my Bike

We are considering going Bicycle riding, here in Buenos Aires.
Consideration takes a while on this subject.
I think I am brave enough to be walking the sidewalks, crossing the streets and taking a taxi.
But I see tourists (who may not be aware of the dangers of BA streets/sidewalks) riding bikes , looking like it is a Fun Thing to do !
And now as I pay more attention, I see a girl , who wears a skirt each day, pedaling along on a solid black bike with a nice black mesh basket, she looks great, she could be in Paris !
She shows no fear , if she can do it, why can't I?
I can look good ... I can hide my fear ... I've been to Paris !
I want a black bike with the same basket though .. it was so cool looking !
Just think, we can take a picnic and books and a blanket and go to the farthest park and loll around all summer.

Today we took Pup to the park.
It is hot and humid out. No one was having an especially good time.
He was just standing there panting and looking at us, saying very clearly ... When can we go home? pant pant pant, It is hot .... pant pant pant.... There are flies here .... pant pant pant...
So we walked him home and he is now stretched out in the hall, outside the door, None Shall Pass.
So he can stay home sometimes and we can go bike riding.
And when I am good enough, we will go riding in Scotland.
Somehow though, I think I will never, ever, even in my dreams, ride a bike this well.


  1. Bike riding is fun, even in a city. We rented bikes last week in Valencia, Spain's third biggest city. It was a bit of an adventure 'cause the roads aren't really bike-friendly. But hey, we're still alive and we had a lot of fun!
    Just DO it!

  2. I love bike riding, but not the way that guy in Scotland did it. Give me OFF ROAD only...I've seen BsAs traffic.

  3. I wouldn't know if I'd fancy riding a bike in BA or Paris! Here in Lyon drivers are pretty crazy and I have only ever rode a bike once - I was terrified!


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