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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bus, the Car and the Taxi

A Bus

A Car and A Taxi

What happens when a bus changes lanes without warning ? pushing a car into a taxi and the car continues up the sidewalk and stops at the stairs to the front door of an apartment building.
Nothing too terrible.
Good news: No one was hurt, no ambulance was called..although I have a feeling the driver of that car is going to be feeling a bit stiff tonight and tomorrow.
Weird news : No police were called either. Everyone stopped, other buses came by, other taxi drivers came and everyone exchanged something that I am guessing was insurance information and whatever else they need here.
Not really news: I am never going to try to drive here. Ever.


  1. good decision, I don't believe driving there is ever a good fact, I found riding in cabs to be as close to crazy as I need to get.

  2. You are absolutely correct !
    Taxi ride= Thrill ride.. same thing.

  3. Note to self - I won't ever drive there either.
    Glad everyone is okay.



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