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Friday, August 20, 2010

Walking and Window Licking

We went to Retiro today.
Retiro is where the big train and bus stations are located , but it is also an area of beautiful architecture and really , really good shopping. I can just stand and gaze at windows full of antiques and art of all sorts for hours and this is the place to do it. The reason I say stand and gaze is because usually the dog is with us or it is Sunday and the  shops are closed.
Today we walked across 9 de Julio and down through one of the more beautiful streets called Arroyo and window licked.
What ? you don't know about window licking ? but of course you do... you do it too !
In French, window shopping is called 'leche-vitrine' or window licking ...
It is really sad how much I want this to be my table in my home with all of those green things on it.

There was a card in this window, said something about Gulliver.. hmmm.
This was so wonderful, I really need to go back for it. I am sorry for the bad photo but look at it closely, you will see the little plump women in red bathing suits, diving into cakes.

And if I ever want to get all Classical and everything with my statues .. would this fit in my living room?
Would Pup freak out if it did?
We walked through the neighborhood, admiring the buildings, old old churches and art galleries. What a nice mix for a place to live!
And then back to our neighborhood where we found a branch of our favorite French ( yes, really French) bakery called Lepi and bought olive bread, brioche, sweet powdered sugar croissant thingees and various rolls to make sandwiches with. I have no fear of bread, I would eat good bread three times a day if possible..actually I have eaten bread three times a day. . nothing wrong with it.. really.
This building has me curious. Do people live up there or is it a business? those are bamboo closing in the spaces between the columns.. I like to think someone lives on the second and top floors. . cool, no?
And then home to rescue Pup from the housekeeper, walk through the park, stop for a moment of silence for the ongoing tree murders in the park
Then to the cafe where we listened to protesters chanting, setting off firecrackers and playing drums. Our protesters are quite noisy but sometimes also quite musical... 

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  1. what a wonderful walk ... thank you for sharing your afternoon! Next best thing to being there!!! Happy Friday... HHL


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