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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day

It seems that Spring is really springing .. everywhere you look there are birds busy doing their bird chores, bees in all the newly blooming flowers, the birds are also quite vocal. We see a difference each day on our walks, a bare shrub now has leaves, one has flowers, there are spots where , as you walk past, there is a heavy aroma of some sweet jasmine- like flowering bush.
Aside from those crazy men with saws who are all over the parks Everywhere, there are people mowing grass and each day in some spot there will be newly planted flower beds. One park, where the boat reservoir is located, has a butterfly garden and it is already busy with little butterflies and bees.
The park that I love the most for the trees is at the end of the row of parks.. there are homes on one side, their "backyard" is this park. It faces the National Museum of Decorative Arts.. a wonderful home turned museum.
We will be back there , maybe tomorrow, to see what the newest collections are being shown.
Aside from business taken care of in the morning, we visited  friends who have finally moved down here and we got  to see their amazingly beautiful apartment ( hint: the company that built the Eiffel Tower.. made their elevator) .. I will definitely take photos of their staircase next time we visit .. then home to make some phone calls and take a lonely pup for a walk and have some late afternoon cafe con leche.
Walking home through the parks I reminded my husband that this year we have to buy some light chairs that we can take to the park with us and spend hours just sitting there, reading, like everyone else does.
I already know where My spot will do you like it ?
Remember The Giving Tree   ? Who knew it was in Buenos Aires ?
I like the idea of having the only palm tree on the street,  in front of your window.. the tallest palm tree too !
Soaking up fresh air and sunshine here is such a treat after what seems like a very long cold winter.. or have I just become more Argentine?


  1. Beautiful post! I love the palm tree. No sign of fact no sign at all that summer is even remotely in retreat......

  2. It seems like winter wasn't that long...cold, but not that long...or is it just me????

  3. Nice and Easy... it might not have been that long in California but it was dreadfully long here lol.

    It's you !! It's you !!
    Stay tuned, I think in about 6 months, you will be hearing about how Long the Summer is !


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