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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slow Saturday

I always have such good intentions of getting up early and getting out of the door and accomplishing many things in one day.
But then ... I never seem to get up with that kind of energy, it takes at least an hour of reading the blogs and news and drinking a gallon or so of coffee to wake me up.
Then we have to decide where to go and what to do and do we want to take the dog and , well,  all those big decisions people have to make each day.
Today's we needed to go to  the grocery store then   get the Pup and go to the French Bakery that we love. It is a good thing we walk miles a day, or else someone in this family would grow plump and I am not talking about Pup.
He has the good sense to not eat chocolate.
The weather was supposed to be warm and nice .. I wanted to just be outside, enjoy the fresh air, regardless of what we had to do ... So off to the grocery store.
They sell garlic in the store but I always like to buy it from this very small, very wrinkled , old woman who sits outside the store.. her garlic and other spices and things are laid out neatly on a colorful Peruvian looking cloth .. she peels the garlic and sells it for 2 pesos a hand. Can I go wrong buying my garlic this way? no.
Home .. grab Pup we go... to Lepi. We like this neighborhood quite a lot, one more reason to live here is Lepi.
From Lepi, we walked through the neighborhood back to the parks  where we could sit and relax in the shade, it is now around 75ºF .. a perfect Spring day. The parks were packed with tourists and families picnicking and generally everyone taking advantage of a dry sunny warm day.
The cafes were all full, people were taking photos of everything, including Pup. He just ignores them now. This is one of those Ombu trees that I have mentioned in the past .. this one is huge and ancient and definitely the place that one would populate with little cities full of tiny pixies or the like in a childrens book.
It is impossible to get a good photo of it without walking half a mile away... it is so huge..

We went on over to our little park and sat and picked crumbs and chocolate bits off of us , what ? what did we buy ? Oh, let me see.. croissants au chocolate  and croissants almondine. And yes, there are some left for tomorrow..
The parks are getting greener by the day.
Here come the tourists !
 It is fun to watch when they get off the bus, take out their cameras and just start clicking away, photos of each other, the statues, the trees, the dog, don't forget the dog that waits for you to take his photo ..
before running around like a lunatic, trying to get you to chase him...
So that is the day .. so far ..


  1. Hello again!
    looks like you had a lovely relaxing Saturday - I adore your poodle-oh how empty our lives would be without these four legged friends..have a lovely Sunday -greetings from a cold and rainy South Africa - Colette

  2. Colette, we adore him too :)
    Sending you some Argentine sunshine !

  3. What a beautiful tree... sounds like a nice Saturday.. and how great to be able to purchase garlic that has been lovingly grown... Pup looks like he is having a blast... was it hard for him to adjust to Argentina? Are most places there dog friendly? .. Happy Saturday..HHL

  4. It is dog friendly in the sense that everyone has at least one dog. Most outdoor cafes are welcoming to pups. But coming from the wonderful cities of NY and Portland, Oregon, where Pup was allowed everywhere (Nordstroms!Barneys!! ) it is not as great for him as it used to be. But he is a one of a kind pup here so he gets an awful lot of attention and I don't think he really notices that there are some places he cannot go.

  5. If I ever came to Argentina I would hope to be greeted by Pup as well!

  6. Miss Chelsea, you would be ... he thinks he is the Official Greeting Pup of Buenos Aires :)


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