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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Pretty Perfect Day

Another beautiful winter day. Hopefully the rain has gone for a while now and we can get back to lots of blue skies and sunshine. Friday is Nely day. Nely is the housekeeper. We love Nely. Don't ask me how Pup feels about Nely... she and he have their own language, she jabbers some kind of Spanish baby talk to him and he becomes this floppy, happy, wiggly, hairy thing. Then he goes and hides because he knows that when Nely is here, the vacuum comes out.
So after a morning of this and that, we left Pup to the mercies of Nely and went to see a movie.
It was pretty good, it lasted too long and we had to rush to get home and tend to a hungry pup and one that needed a walk. We were slightly annoyed that the movie was so long, there was a book store and some Winter sales waiting and we had to turn our backs on them ... you know how much that hurt, don't you?

Nely was in full swing when we got home so we rescued Pup and headed out to the parks and a cafe stop.
Walking along Libertador, we noticed the parks had been freshly mowed and everywhere you look, trees had been trimmed and branches were lying in great heaps everywhere. I fear these men with saws are not that skilled in tree trimming, a few resembled broccoli and I imagine a good wind will bring some down .. but what do I know, maybe here, that is the thing to do.. I just hate seeing perfectly nice trees half nude.

There is a shop close to one of our cafes that apparently installs Bullet Proof Glass in your car. The SUV in the showroom says it all..
On past the  showroom, cafe and the Automobile Association building, which is a wonderful example of 1930's architecture.
Past the Museum of Decorative Arts
And on to our little cafe where we had the best Cafe con Leche and little chocolate cookies a person could ask for .. this is the cafe where the little birds eat lunch with me. This is an interesting apartment building not far from the cafe
and this is the view of the parks, from my seat in the cafe. I really like that building.
It began to get a little cold so we headed back home , going through "our" parks, 
past the Highway Patrol .. I have no idea .. I never see the owner to ask.
Up the steps where General Mitre    stands guard,
with a stop at the produce market.
This is the man who is responsible for the artistic displays 
 And then home for some blanket time and dinner and making plans for the weekend. 
            All in all, a pretty perfect day.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day!! I so enjoyed going along for your walk (sans the bullet-proof glass shop:O!) Your pup is adorable, and I love how he loves Nely!

    p.s. Can't wait to go to NYC!

  2. What a wonderful tour...thanks for taking us along! Glad the sun came out for's cold and rainy here, and it's SUMMER! ;)

    Have a lovely weekend...

  3. It may be cold there, but it sure is beautiful! Loved the photo of the young man making the food display, especially. (I envy those folks not only their creativity, but their dexterity and resourcefulness.) Besos!


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