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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Walks .. by Pup

Today Mom and Dad were supposed to go to the Flea Market.
Why they need to go to a market for fleas, is a mystery but what do I know, I am just a Pup.
It is cold and Mom said she did not want to go freeze while looking at junk, so they said they would take me and go for a walk. .  and take some pictures.
This made me happy and  I don't have fleas.
Mom likes to take a million pictures of me.
Today she took a million pictures of buildings.
I don't understand why, I was right there and there were no dogs in those buildings , that I could see.
We walked through the parks that I like to play in.
Mom and Dad talked and let me sniff everything... well, almost everything.
Mom got tired of me smelling that wet spot . Mom's just don't understand.
Mom and Dad both liked this statue. It was too high for me to sniff.
Mom took pictures of this place. It is the Korean Embassy. She wondered if they would come get her for standing out front and taking pictures, so she took this one and we ran. 
I like it when Mom runs.
Mom is fun.
I like the doormen who talk to me and pet me when we take walks.
Mom even took pictures of old cars. She said she could not believe this one would still go. I miss our car.
I rode in the back seat and stuck my head out the window.
Mom wishes we still had our car too. She said we would all go to the countryside and see the horses and cows. I don't know about the cows but I love horses. They like me too.I wonder if cows like me...
Mom kept talking about the houses,  she likes them, she likes everything!
She really liked this building, she said there was something about the Terrace that called to her.

I didn't hear anything.

We walked to a nice place called the Evita Museum Cafe.
Mom wanted coffee, Dad had wine and they ate something called a Keesh.
Mom even took a picture of the Keesh.. they said it was the best one they ever ate.
Then the nice man gave me my own bowl of food and a bowl of water ! I give Evita  4 paws up !
Mom and Dad sat and talked and I watched the other people who had pups with them too. One looked just like me but little and he wore a sweater. I am glad Mom does not dress me up.
We walked home  past my parks

and now  it is time for my nap. It was a good day. I like it here.  Mom and Dad do too.


  1. I love the picture of that old car!

    Your photos look like such a good way to spend a day.


  2. Awww, Pup, sounds like a great day, and I'm glad you were treated well at the cafe, too! (Moms tend to not like their kids to smell things, unless it's Mom's cooking. Just so you know, that's why she doesn't want you walking around sniffing stuff in the park.)

  3. kelly, I could fill a book with photos of the great old cars here ! some are not in such good shape but some are "mint" condition.

    Kathleen .. We would still be standing in that park today, if he was allowed to continue sniffing that damn spot. This city is a cornucopia of scents for doggies !


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