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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today was for the birds

Today was a mix of Coulda been a nightmare  and Whadda beautiful day !
We had to call Immigrations at 9:30 am to see if they had our files yet and if we can please, pretty please,
finalize our ID and Permanent Resident status here in BA.
We have a neighbor who is just so kind  and she said she would make the call for us.. we knew that there was no way that we would be able to manage with a call of this sort, with people who are a bit stretched in the Patience department. 
So she made the call and guess what  .. the papers were not ready yet. 
But we have to go down and renew things.. 
We grabbed a taxi and hit traffic and eventually got there .. they had again, changed things. 
They moved the front door. The Entrance. Is this a message ? Are we ignoring something someone is trying to tell us ? 
We walked around to the back ( where all entrances are, of course) and walked in, found the right person almost immediately and lo and behold, he was Nice ! Quick, efficient and we could understand him and he even said something in English for us ... Sit ! he said as he pointed at the chairs. 
And like good little immigrants, we sat. And in no time at all, we got the word, pay 10 pesos,  stamp stamp, it is still not ready, come back in November. Come to him. 
Not so bad after all. Quick taxi ride, excellent taxi driver and we were home and thinking about What to do.. Sunshine, blue skies and cold. What else ? go for a walk and have lunch outside. 
     So we walked along Libertador to Palermo Chico 
(I would live here in a minute if I could)
Libertador is this wide wide Avenue,  lined with parks and beautiful gardens and very, very, nice apartment buildings. And cafes . 
This is Rond Point, where we have our Sunday brunches outside with Pup in warm weather.
Good Bloody Mary's
We went to our new, favorite, little cafe, where we sit outside and tiny little birds come sit on the edge of the table and watch you eat. And if You are anything like Me ... you will be busy taking a bite, giving the birds a bite, taking a bite, oh , what the hell, give the birds the whole piece of bread.
Pup sat and did all of his tricks, thinking he was next in line for some of that sandwich but no, not today, today was for the birds.
While I sat and sipped my cafe con leche, one tiny little bird, sat next to my hand .. waiting.. picking up a crumb, just hanging out with us.
Of course, the camera was at home.
I promise, I am carrying the camera with me from now on, no matter where I go. Promise!
images via skyscraper life


  1. Oh dear, the way today's entry started, I was hoping it wasn't something from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"!! I'm so glad it wasn't and that you found someone nice at Immigration who is helpful, and everything will be finalized in 3 more months. (Fingers crossed!) Enjoyed the vicarious ride through BA with you!

  2. I am sure that all will be sorted in the end. If it is any consolation we are going through the same in France as it always seems worse in a country where they speak a different language. Here there are always a number of steps to follow and they never tell you about the next one so you are alwys a little in the dark....the joys of being an expat.

    Visited BA a few years ago when friends of ours were based there and we loved the time that we spent there.

    Leeann x


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