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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Monday, August 9, 2010


I   remember when I used to dislike Mondays.
Children had to go to school, husband went to work, mundane stuff was waiting .. There were some Mondays when I did enjoy having the house to myself, getting errands run and groceries bought and whatever else needed to be done.
Lunch with a friend, shopping or just being home alone and enjoying that.
Mondays aren't that special for us anymore.
Every day is Saturday you might say .. or at least, no one is getting up and going to work or sending the children off to school.
Which is lovely and yet, there are times I miss those days .

Living in a large city where tourists visit, you get into certain habits.
I don't enjoy going out on Friday or Saturday nights.
Sundays are a great day for being as lazy as I know how to be. Pup and my husband are both fairly good at it too.
Monday means we can get back to doing things that we enjoy, while everyone else is at work or school.
It works for us ~

Today was another bright day, pure sunshine, blue blue skies and around 60ºF.
After Pup got his morning walk , we decided to go to Kels Book Store.  We are becoming their best customers! The walk there is approximately 20 blocks or so. We did it. Then we walked home and grabbed the Pup and went to the Park where I sat on a bench like a lump in the sun and refused to move.

Pup did a little moving but not that much either .. is laziness contagious ? Dogs can catch it ? or did I get it from him ?
Hmmm, he is lying on the floor next to me ... am I breathing in Lazy germs?
Good grief ! I never considered this ! No wonder !
This is the little house that refused to sell, no , you can build high rises all around me but I am staying here. And so they did. Downstairs is the restaurant, upstairs is home.
My big brown poodle trumps your small quartet.
Walking home from the book store, we passed our old Village Cinema.
When we moved here, we discovered the Village Cinema , where we could see a movie in one of 10 cinemas, go to a beautiful book store, eat in one of about a dozen restaurants and all in walking distance. Many a cold winter day or a steamy summer day, was spent in big, red velvet, plush seats in huge, fantastic theaters watching movies.
Then one day the lady that worked there told us that they were going to be "doing some work " .. next thing we knew, they not only closed the entire place, but the restaurants all had to move and we had no cinema close by. This is the way it looks now ......
 This is what they say it will look like some day.. I have no idea when they will ever finish.
Now  we usually  go to the cinema at Patio Bullrich , home of Tiffany's and so many wonderful shops and a bookstore and restaurants.. so it isn't exactly punishment.
We decided to pick up some fresh fish for dinner
                        Me ! me!     Pick me ! Pick me !!

We picked out a nice piece of salmon and I roasted it tonight slathered with Hoisin Sauce and served it with fried rice. Yes, I cook too !
Then to the park with Pup who was low energy today.. or his nose was stuck. 
So went the day. I like this tree. I have no idea what it is but the light made it perfect.


  1. The tree is perfect! I am sorry about your cinema. If they ever finish it, it looks like it will be lacking in personality. Loved the little house, and loved the 3 sweater-wearing poodles although Pup does indeed trump them all!

  2. The tree has dried berries of some sort on it, that is the golden color .. the sun was shining right on it. Perfecto :)
    The new cinema/mall looks like it will be all glass and waterfalls .. what is interesting is the contrast.. across the street is the wall of the Recoleta Cemetery. So this glass modern Thing will face that ancient old resting place full of marble angels.
    Yes, Pup would win that contest but they were so cute all in the same outfits.
    I think even Pup would say No to wearing one of those outfits :)


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