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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And there was Light..

It was one of those days.
You know  the sort , things just don't work out the way you plan them.
The kitchen light blew it's fuse, then the whole apartment and the porter came up and attempted to fix it.
We discovered after he had gone that it would not turn Off. So we called him back up and he turned the whole thing off until we got an electrician.

We found the electrician today, he came by this evening and in the wink of an eye, or something like that , he fixed it. .. it was simple, the switch box for the dimmer went kablooey.
Now we have a new one and   Light has been restored.
So our day started very late and with little time to do something more than go to a cafe and walk in the park.
We went to the cafe for an hour , had a bite and cooked a while in the sun.
Argentine winter sun is pretty nice , cool air, dry breeze, warm sun.
A lady sat next to us at the cafe, talking Spanish love talk to the Pup .. I think she was composing love sonnets  .. he liked it and she was happy.. I wish we had understood more than Mi amor and muy precioso .. Pup understood everything, of course.
He did smile at me so I guess he liked what he heard.
(I smile at him all the time, he must be learning that face means happy or love)

Tell me if you can figure out what this is ...

So back home to water my "garden" ..
And to admire my bedroom chandelier that I cleaned, by hand, on the ladder, with a soft cloth and glass cleaner .. I heart my chandelier ~
I am hoping tomorrow will be more interesting .. I will let you know.


  1. Come on!! You should be happy you had some electric problem, otherwise your day would had been resumed to a walk on the park, some delicious lunch in Palermo, a "cortadito" in some cute coffee shop around Recoleta and some people watching at the Hotel boring is that???? I'm soooooooooo jealous!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
    Although I feel a lot closer now: my Son is already registered at the Universidad de Palermo and since August 1st we started to say "we are leaving in 11 months" instead of one year!

  2. Fantastico !!

    You are right, I am happy :)

    chau, besos !!

  3. It sounds like you are getting to know all of the contractors in BA!

    And, you know, as the saying goes: some days are better than others. Today is a whole new day!

  4. ha ha...what makes the world go round?..... contractors play a big role here! hugs Colette x

  5. Hello! Not being rude to my bloggy friends and ignoring them but I'm working 7 days 8 hours a day so no time for blogging or visiting. Should settle down a bit later in the year and I'll be back to normal...I'll rephrase...back to me.

    Feel all the better for seeing the hound too

    4D x


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