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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning - Look At This Blog !

 My French Country Home

In all my typical obsessive bloggerness, I have been burying myself in everything and anything French. 
I have been all over the Home Decor and Design blogs, I study them as if there were to be finals at the end of the month. I am sure my husband has perfected the trick of blocking out anymore of my chatter about Toile, pillows and various other little tidbits that I feel he needs to hear about, concerning my studies on French home decor and how it will ultimately end up in our Argentine home.

My French Country Home transports me to  a warm climate too, this is very nice. I am actually tired of cold weather. Winter is too long, no matter where you live. I think there should be longer Autumns  and Springs and keep summer and winter to a minimum. This way we never end up suffering through yet another Heat Wave with mosquito invasions or Brutal winter with a red nose and frozen toes. Not to mention, becoming sick to death of the sight of the same coats , gloves and sweaters.... and living at the Bottom of the World doesn't make it any easier ! While I am sitting here freezing , bundled in unattractive bulky clothing and furry slippers with the heat blasting, the dog huddled under a blanket on the bed.. I am reading about everyone else going to the Beach, to Paris or London or Italy and none of these places is cold !

So for any of the above reasons, you are interested in immersing yourself in Frenchness and Pretty Things, look at My French Country Home..
Here is a photo from her blog .. you can see what I mean ..


  1. Hi Candice

    Thank you for picking out my blog and giving me such a great mention.

  2. Oh you are very welcome !
    I love your blog and spend too much time losing myself in all the "Frenchness " :)

  3. I would love to visit your French country house et je pourrais parler en francais!

    Good point about the necessity of longer springs and autumns. A dear former professor of mine used to say "Spring is but a weekend any more!", and he was right, although I do believe this year we did have a "proper" spring. Unfortunately it has been followed by a proper summer. (Last year was called "the year without a summer" because we had only 4 days on which the temperatures reached the 90's or higher!)

  4. Mais bien sûr, Vicki , je profiter de votre blog ainsi! Francité Voilà, si peu de temps!

  5. This is a beautiful blog and it makes you want to rush into the French countryside. I can't wait to go and check it out. Merci. - Erica


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