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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dreaming : Paris in August


                                                                                       Paris in August

It is very warm or cool and damp. Everyone leaves town if they can. They are able to drive or take a train to England or Belgium or the South of France..
I would go to Provence.. or all the way South where the wild horses might be seen, where I can eat seafood every night and sleep with the windows open to sounds of waves or cicadas or just the air conditioner blowing..
Or .. I would stay home, in Paris, and take advantage of the streets that are less busy, the stores that are less full, the restaurants that have openings for reservations at the peak times. I would wander the museums without a tour guide and his flock standing right in front of the one painting that I came to see.
I would wander. I would do as my friend/blogger  Amy Thomas does and rent a Velib and ride and ride and explore.. with less cars to worry about knocking me down ... and out.
I would explore the Flea Markets with more time and less crowds and maybe, this time, find something that is not only a Treasure! but affordable ... Hey ! it is my dream, I can make up whatever I want !
I would watch movies outside, although my subtitle needs might make plein air movie viewing difficult..
and picnics, plenty of picnics, in the Luxembourg Gardens,
the Parc Buttes Chamont

                                               It is fun to dream


Merci NYTimes & Manager Magazin 


  1. Merci for sharing my dreams and reflections, Candice. I must say, the call of sunny Provence is a bit louder than Paris' this summer. It's 57 and rainy. On an April day, it might be romantic. But in August, it's sad. I too want to picnic and brocante and skip stones, like Amelie, on Canal Saint Martin... but here we both are, just dreaming about it... :0

  2. its really is fun to dream!! in my dream im going to all these lovely places with u!!!

  3. Amy, Paris in the rain in August does sound a bit sad. But Arles in the sunshine sounded and looked great ! Wonderful photos !

    Prutha, yes, we all need to keep on dreaming !

  4. I've been in such a French mood lately myself and have been dying to watch Amelie! I watched Coco Before Chanel the other night and that made the longing for all things French even worse...I actually went to Anthropologie yesterday and bought a navy striped Coco's (kind of).

    Beautiful images and post...I think I'll put in my Amelie CD now, the soundtrack will have to do for now!


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