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Friday, August 13, 2010

Señor and Señora Parrot

Outside my windows 
It is  cold again, winter is not giving up yet. But nests are being built all over town ! And they squabble  over the smallest thing... this twig is perfect ... no, it is too short, look at this one... no, it is too long .. you never like the twigs I pick ! 
And on they go, all day, fussy, fussy.
But eventually, great , wonderful nests are built at the top of the tallest palm trees and babies come and the squabbling continues.


  1. What a fantastic thing. Parrots! On a tree outside of your house!

    What are the balls hanging in the trees?


  2. I know ! How cool is that ?! That is a Plane tree ( as in all those trees in Paris) .. they have balls .. What can I say ~ Seed balls :)

  3. I would love to have parrots outside my window here. We lived i India for a while and I loved the birds there.

  4. Sharon, my husband lived in India for awhile also, he mostly speaks of the monkeys outside the window :)
    I have doves outside the bedroom windows, which is lovely....except when they start cooing at 5 am.

  5. Never saw parrots in Buenos Aires trees...Are you sure you didn't bring them with you??????

  6. The parrots are all over the parks ! Plaza Francia etc.
    They fly in little squawking flocks and argue with the pigeons over crumbs if you feed them.. they fly in little squadrons over Libertador and nest in these great tall palms by the British Embassy and Plaza Francia.
    And for some reason, they come our way and visit us :)

  7. I love parrots. Thanks for sharing them!

  8. My wish is granted. Love the parrots!!!!


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