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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It might be time

Last night I was reading  emails.
I heard a sound.. a familiar sound.. water running... I jumped up to   look  and there, where my linen closet is located .. was this ..

  Then there was me, making these losing your breath, hissing and trying not to sob sounds, as I grabbed towels and shrieked ( yes, I shrieked, I am terrible) at my sweet husband to go upstairs and tell Her to turn off the water !!!
This is going to be me someday, soon, if we remain in this apartment, with the plumbing from 100 years ago..
I will see water and become unhinged... I am close to this now .. really.
And then there is the matter of Fun. Yes, Fun. I am not having any these days. I dislike being stuck in the house while strange men come and go, making a mess for me to clean up after they leave. And for having to have Good Times cancelled because "the plumber is coming " .... aside from the fact that I have absolutely no confidence in any plumber in this country now.
I have seen enough of these by now
It is unfair to think that I should ever .... EVER see this again. Really..

I am starting to think it might be time to get the suitcases out.
Pack up the Pup
And start a new adventure.

Oh ! wait ! Did I forget to tell you that the elevator has broken also?
We had just gotten off of it .. (thankful for small mercies) ..


  1. I'm feeling your pain. Saturday night: great party here at home celebrating my Husband's 50s.
    Sunday morning: the wood floor in the downstairs bathroom "seems to be bubbling". Shut the water. Let's go to the beach, don't even want to think about a water leak!. Sunday afternoon: after our beach day we pulled the floor and the baseboards. Call the plumber. Monday morning: plumber (a second one) finds a pinhole in a pipe, on the wall. Today: no floor, no wall, fan on to prevent mold.
    My suitcases are ready, where should we go???????

  2. I am considering a super modern new building where the pipes are all on the outside and there is an on-call plumber and electrician and they speak all languages.

    Let me know if you find this place, we will be there !

    The "old"plumber came by. He speaks a wee bit of English and for some reason, has no problem at all understanding my Castellano.
    He knew exactly what was what, all being Arriba and now the consorcio and the administrator have to deal with it.

    Meanwhile, the painter said he would be here next week ...

  3. The elevator was fixed by the Portero.
    I am going to take the stairs for a few days just to be sure..

  4. OOohhhh NO!!! Not again!!! I feel your pain....has been a little while since I have come back here - have been terribly sick with Influenza that kept me away from here and TA!!!!

    You poor people, you better still be there in October - cause I intend to accost you in one of those parks when I see the familiar pup talking to the Police horses...Look out for Anttraveller!!

    Suerte in the best possible way for your water woes.


  5. Oh dear...this is not sounding glamorous. Plus, I am deathly afraid of elevators (especially elevators prone to breaking).
    Take the stairs and take a break (with vodka!).

  6. Oh nooo. Goodness. Story of my life.

    Maybe you just need a little vacation? With Pup, of course.


    p.s. Where is your refrigerator from? I like your kitchen.

  7. Thanks all.... the plumbers were here, there is much talking back and forth and we are staying out of it. Hopefully they will stay out of here and fix Up there and we can move on. Or we will move ..

    Leigha, no vodka but an Argentine Pinot Noir ?

    Kelly .. the fridge is Ariston. French. Thank you ! (I designed that kitchen)...

    Ant .. we will be here.. watching for you ..

  8. Oh my dear ... I hope all is repaired very quickly for you!! Thank you so much for your email - I will be writing back soon. HHL

  9. Oh no,Scarlett, unfair & injuste & just a plain pain... But this is a great blog and you are trying to keep your sense of humor (and your sense of photographic funnies).

    After finally finishing our master bath renovations, our ~ 80 year old house sprung another leak yesterday - those rusty old pipes -so we will have to repo the other bath and continue to make big, BIG holes in the walls and replace the pipes, then repair and paint the walls etc. I am hoping to postpone until Jan. when we come to BsAs, and let them have run of the house. It's been a rough winter for youall, I know, but Spring is coming in BsAs, and this may be just the final impetus to find that new apt. you have been wishing for. Hang in there,from a very empathetic friend,

  10. So frustrating but so funny. Hope they fix the mess soon and maybe you can find a better place for you and Pup!


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