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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our home

I felt a little under the weather today, so we didn't go out much and I didn't do much, other than loll around.
I am a champion loller and today was no different, I did it very well.
During one of my stronger more ambitious moments, I decided to go through the 20 million thousand photos I have in my computer... which as you know, whether it is an album or a computer, you can get lost for hours looking at photos.
I am going to share some. There is a theme to this .. These photos will give you a tiny look at the progress we have made... from the hotel we stayed in when visiting, to the first sight of this apartment with our realtor to the months of destruction/construcion when we wondered if we were truly insane and how come both of us got crazy at the same time ?
And then the early days of echoing empty rooms and not enough furniture and then slowly it became our home.. So here they are ... you can go get a soda and some popcorn if it will make it less boring to be trapped in  your chair, being shown my photo album ..

When we visited Buenos Aires, we stayed at the Art Suites Hotel. Each room is a tiny apartment. We had a room at the top with a terrace and little kitchenette.. first taste of what it might be like to live here.
The bed was comfy and I remember like it was yesterday, when about halfway through our stay, I lay there thinking, What if we lived here...
Five months later, when we arrived here to live, we had to rent an apartment for the time it would take to find a home . This was not as easy as we thought it would be, we left the first apartment after 2 months and went to a smaller one, which was fine, cozy, Pup was comfortable, it was all a Grand Adventure at that time.
One day, we went to look at an apartment with our realtor and of course, he showed us something too expensive and huge. I was walking along the sidewalk, grumbling under my breath when I looked up and saw a sign... Vende. An apartment for sale in an old French building. Right there on the street, the realtor called, got us an appointment to see it the next day.
 The kitchen was pretty bad. We had to completely renovate, when I thought it just needed paint.
White marble. We had nowhere to keep it so we let the workers take it. Are we crazy or what ?
This was when I stopped coming by to look .. how could it ever look good?
Surprisingly it did turn out well. Although a few leaks later, it needs a new paint .. I am not in love with the color anyway. The kitchen has a view of sorts. This is where the doves nested last year and we had babies.
Bathroom before
Bathroom after .. then after .. and after
Going Up ?
This elevator pretty much won me over as soon as we came into the building for the first time.
So there you have a little  look at my often leaky, sometimes creaky, home.


  1. Great post. I loved looking at the transitions.

  2. You've done a great job. I lived in BsAs for 1.5 years and ever since have wanted to move back. I'm thinking about it seriously, but without a big corporation footing the bill this time it's a much different thought.

    Your apartment looks great!

    The doves nesting thing reminds me of the morning I woke up and heard noise in the kitchen and when I walked in a -- well, I called them pigeons -- was flying around and OMG the kitchen was a mess! My housekeeper had kept the kitchen window open by mistake and the bird felt right at home flying around my kitchen. Ewww!

    Your elevator is much more ornate than mine was, but I loved the apartment. Very French, huge terrace, great view.

    Ohhh, now I want to move back even more!

    I'm glad my sister found you and can't wait to read all of your blog.


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