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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day of Pup Beauty

Today was the day that some people around here looked forward to and one pup dreaded.
The boy was going to the Pup Beauty Salon , better known as Sebastians. Where Hugo with the huge arms would wash,blow dry and comb out the tangled, smelly, matted beast that we have been living with.
Of course, if it were not for the eau de Pup that was wafting through the rooms the past week, I would have been happy with his hairiness, his huge stuffed doggy-ness  , his cuddly big furriness.
But when I could tell he had been in the room, hours after , it was time to send him off for a few hours of dog torture.
He gets such a split personality .. a block or two before the groomers and he stops at the corner and tries to pull me into the street, over to the other side, away from That Place.
I sweet talk him into walking with me like a Good Boy and he does.
The closer we get to the Groomers, the slower he walks. Always looking around... does he really think someone is going to swoop down on us, grabbing Pup and rescuing him from a bath and a haircut ?
If so, then he has been reading too many of those Harlequin paperbacks for Pups.
Hugo gives him a big hello, Pup runs right to him , like they are best friends or something ! ... go figure.
This was Pup's smile before todays visit
He was so hairy, I had to keep pushing the eyebrows back, his face was square..
So we dawdled, did a few errands and generally hung out at home missing the poor tortured animal until time to go pick him up, or in Pups words ... rescue him.
There was never a happier reunion.
He wiggled, make little whimpering noises and yips and generally made people laugh and go Awwwww.

And here , ladies and gentlemen, is the new and improved Pup !!! ( sounds of trumpets blowing)
We gave him a quickie in the park then scurried home , I was afraid with less hair he might really feel todays cold. He had dinner then came in here where he hopped up on the bed and this is where he remains.
I always wonder if he holds it against me for making him go there and I wish I could explain how it can't be avoided.. I just have to make it up to him afterwards.. besides, he smells like a flower now so he can go anywhere he wants..and he feels soooo good to snuggle.


  1. My late mother was always completely sympathetic to dogs in terms of their trips to the groomer. Mom would say "how would you like to visit your hairdresser and have to spend a huge chunk of your day there?". (I think that was before I developed my Goldwell addiction, however, as now I do spend an appreciable amount of time once a month with my hairdresser.)

    In any event, the appearance of the Pup is much improved, and I don't blame him a bit for needing a nap afterward. After all, there's no substitute for "beauty sleep"! LOL!

  2. Man, he looks fabulous. Old Hugo has the touch. I will bet he feels better, too!

  3. Kathleen, yes, we can relate to Pups day at the least he is not getting color ! But he did get his nails done too :)

    Anony, Yeah, Hugo has the touch .. he can break your hand when he shakes it but he seems gentle enough with Pup .. he is now sleeping on My side of the sofa while he and his daddy watch TV.
    A reward for smelling good :)

  4. Pup's all handsomed-up...and he seems to be very happy about it! I so wish we could communicate with our furry friends to let them know it will all be okay...and the things we are making them do (vet, groomers) are for their own good and to make them feel better!


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