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Alan Cohen
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Friday, July 2, 2010

What a day ...

We had to stay in and wait for the housekeeper, because the keys to the front door were changed and we had to go let her in. 
Here.. when someone comes to the front door of your building, you must go downstairs and unlock the door and let them in. This keeps you from actually buzzing in a thief or worse. 
Now she has her copy and will be able to slip in while we are gone, work her magic and kiss Pup countless times, talking a mile a minute all the while .. in Spanish baby talk... to Pup. 
Who turns into something resembling Boneless Dog. 
He then follows her around the house with this adoring look on his face, until she brings out the vacuum cleaner, then he moves faster than the speed of light and to the farthest spot away from that noisy machine from Hell.

But today, we waited for Nely and then grabbed Pup, sparing him the dreaded vacuum and went for a long walk.. figuring maybe lunch somewhere? coffee? drinks???
It was a good, gloomy, early winter day.
I like this sort of day... no bright sun , no blue skies, lots of clouds and moody. 
I like moody. It suits my mood !
And the cool brisk air keeps a person moving quickly, walking and warming up and feeling exhilarated .. all that healthy sort of stuff.

We had to go to the locksmith that installed all of our new front door hardware and locks and get him to come fix our kitchen door . ( the apartment has a front door and a service entrance - which is the kitchen door)......
Our new pretty door handle just swings around and around. 
After that errand, where we also met an interesting little Schnauzer .. she sat in the street, in front of a beauty parlor .. with this little coat that keeps her warm and her ears bandaged to her head.. but from a distance, she looked like she was wearing a little blue cape and getting ready to fly ... 
Bat Schnauzer to the rescue ..
Then off to the parks we went , with a cafe as a destination. We went through our favorite area, where we would like to find an apartment.. yes, if there was one available here, I would move.
This park had a monstrous big tree that split and crashed this past year in a storm, it is already coming back but it took another tree down with it and some of the walls of the garden. 
From this area we walked around the huge statue that we like and viewed the parks stretched out before us ,
in all directions there are parks and views and wonderful trees
and all the while we were standing by this amazing statue of General Mitre with his angels.. I love those angels

especially this angel 

After wandering through the parks, we started to get a little chilled. 
So we walked through our parks to the Recoleta Cultural Center, checked to see if there were any new
exhibitions, there were not and kept going past Our Lady of Pilar where there was another funeral. We did not stop at this one, there was no military band. And I don't want to get a reputation around here for being one of those ghoulish people who just goes to funerals !

And finally we stopped at our favorite pasta place and brought home Putanesca sauce for tonights pasta. 
All in all, a lovely day . 

About last night ... every consorcio meeting is like a family get together.. some of the aunts and uncles and cousins you like better than others, some of them are very funny and it is almost always fun... or at least enjoyable. 
It makes us feel more a part of things, even if we understand only every other word ( if we are lucky). Thankfully, there are kind people who always translate for us and keep us up, so at least when we vote, we are not actually voting to evict ourselves. 
They all seem to like us well enough and don't seem to think of that as an option... the Matter of the Leaking Apartment Above is hopefully finally being settled and we might even go a month or two before we have
more wet spots suddenly appearing on freshly painted walls and ceilings. 
The painter loves us. 
I think we bought him a summer house so far ... And  the plumber?  I think his children will all go to Harvard .
I did find out that the renter in the apartment below us is leaving and eventually we will have a new neighbor, I fear a teenager or just noisy people. I am becoming an old woman, I don't want to hear loud noises from above or below or next door .. cranky, just call me cranky.

We came home and watched the Uruguay vs Ghana futbol game and happily Uruguay won.
For no other reason (for me) than because they are from South America. 
Tomorrow is the huge important match between Argentina and Germany. The tension, the hopes !!! 
Vamos Argentina !


  1. What a wonderful day! Love the Schnauzer and the park and the trees. Though it's a shock to see grey winter... I don't want to see, and feel, that for a very, very long time!

    Bon weekend, Candice!

    (And sorry about Argentina...)


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