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Thursday, July 1, 2010


You know, I grew up with grand parents and even great grandparents who believed in Angels. My mom used to talk about them too. We were not particularly religious but we did have that idea that there were angels for want of a better word, hanging around, guiding, re-directing, watching over us.
When I was growing up, I got into a few "adventures" that could have gone wrong and I could have been hurt or maimed, I was prone to taking off on my own at a young age and being found hours later, riding a neighbors horse, bareback, no one at home, just the horse and I. 
And when I was older, going places on my own that might not have been the safest place for a young girl alone, but I only met kind people and only nice things ever happened.
Good luck? Maybe. Angels watching over me ? why not? It is a nice thought. I like it better than ..Oh, you just had some luck .. why "luck" ? why not "angels watching over me"?

As we have aged and traveled and lived here and there, we have had good luck and bad luck but thankfully , more good than bad. Sometimes I believe you make your own good luck, it is a lot about the outlook, the attitude.

But then when someone near and dear to you shows signs of needing help and you are so far away as to be on another planet .. you might think, well, I might be lucky but what about them ? 
They need some good luck ... they need an angel too.

And you know what ?
There is an angel for them too. Just when you think there is no one to turn to, no way things can get better, someone will come along and by one act of kindness, one moment of generosity, they will change not only a persons life and outlook but all the people that that person is related to .. friends, family..all breathe easier when they know that everyone is doing fine. Everything is going well. That there is Hope.

So be an angel. It doesn't have to cost money, it doesn't mean a total commitment , it can just be a matter of being there to listen, of being generous with your time or your experience or to just help enough to get them over that hump.

I have always thought this and I try to remember the little things that are easy and can mean so much, buying a second coffee so I can share it with the lady on the bench in the park. The stale bread that instead goes to the birds in the park instead of into the garbage. Stopping and asking a tiny frail woman if she wants t0 hold my hand when we cross the huge boulevard with all the cars revving their motors and waiting for the green light.. which will happen just as she makes it to the middle lane.
Saving clothes and donating them, saving dog food and donating it , it can take so little time and energy but mean so very much to someone else.

One kind gesture or act can mean the difference in someone's life that most people would never ever even consider. The weight off their shoulders, the ease of a smile again, a good nights sleep, hope for the future.

So to all those Angels out there and all those who can be an Angel so easily, I believe in you.


  1. Beautiful!

    I know I have had many, many angels. I have also tried to be an angel for some people.

    We have to remember that we are all inhabitants of Mother Earth, and while here we should be doing what we can to take care of our Mother and each other.

  2. This is a timely reminder to us all! We can do so much for each other if we just have that attitude. I am sure the frail lady who's hand you held felt loved and taken care of. Brava!

  3. What a wonderful thing to write and so true:) Helping others is amazing in so many ways and sometimes it is the tiniest help that can mean the world to someone.

  4. I believe, I believe, I believe.

    and in turn, I DO try, in my own little way.

  5. The surest way to make your day better is being someone's angel. I hope there was an angel in your life today!

  6. I believe in Angels too - What a lovely and inspiring post full of thought provoking messages you have given us today! My philosophy is to be an ANGEL to everyone as we all need them....

    Candice - Many of the posters to the Trip Advisor site think of you as their Angel! I do anyway!

    Suerte - and wow - you are holding the Consorcio meetings in your apartment!! Well done!

  7. We have had experiences with angels all of our lives.
    One is named Mary and she lives in Tennessee and she was there when I and my daughter needed an angel. We will always remember Mary.
    Some angels don't even have names. They just come when you need them and then leave .. their work was done.
    It really isn't hard to do something kind, holding a frail old ladies hand, feeding a stray dog, a stray person ! and while the thing we do seems so small, to the person who needs it, it is huge.
    The Consorcio meeting is wonderful. Like having a big boisterous family yet not knowing what they are talking about... probably better than a real family lol.

  8. An angel once saved my life. It's true. It's a long story, but if you buy me a beer, I'll tell you about it. :-)

    On another note, I believe that it's up to each of us to bring each other up. Every now and then I send cards or letters to friends. I think it's lovely to get something in the mail that is not a bill.


  9. Thanks for your post. Subway angels are there for me. They give me seats and tell me if my briefcase is open.


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