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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a Wonderful World

Today Argentina failed in it's bid for the World Cup. 
The game was exciting and ultimately slightly heart-breaking. But I like to think that it is only four years until the next one and these men will be even better and will do things better and will win. 
I think all the players and their coaches did a fine job. 

I know that there were many broken hearts today in this town. ( and elsewhere) but as these things do happen in life, people pick themselves up and start over again. 
Or in the case of this Saturday in Buenos Aires, everyone went to the park. I am sure they were shopping and working too but it seemed like most of them were at the park.

The fact that it is Winter and today was a perfect late Spring or early Summer day, had to have cheered up some people at least a little.
The feria in Recoleta was busy and there were many people sitting outside at all the outdoor cafes.
Parents strolling with babies and children playing and vendors selling and Pups playing, Mimes miming, it  all added up to a mostly Wonderful Day.
We had errands to do but grabbed Pup and took him with us, ending with a long walk through the feria, 
and around past the park where people were strolling and sightseeing and lots of photos were being taken, a lot of them being people taking pictures of Pup ... that dog has to be in every photo album in the world by now ! 
This photo was taken a while ago but the same thing happened today .

I was tempted to do a bit of shopping myself but it is impossible with the dog.. between those who ask me what breed he is, who ask me if they can take his photo and those who just take the photo, well, shopping is not that easy. 
So we just wander and look and enjoy the atmosphere.

Here is the Church of Our Lady Pilar on a sunny Saturday ..
I love this tree. There are many of them here and there ..
From the park we wandered through the neighborhood and since I bring the camera with me all the time now, here are some of the buildings that you can find all over this area of town and most of them would be perfectly fine with me if I were to be asked to live in one.. 
I do actually live in one, but these are pretty wonderful too.
See those signs up there ? For Sale ... hmmmm.
I would end up sitting outside of my building , staring at it , if I lived here.
Can you imagine bringing home the groceries, having to unlock the door and get the bags inside, with the dog on the leash .. a typical day in the life... except this is the Door !
This is the intersection of a couple of my favorite streets. All the buildings are pretty, grand and clean and make me consider moving again. And it takes a lot these days for me to contemplate wrapping, packing, boxing, labeling and moving again. But for one of these .....
We walked back home through the park where the cafes and ice cream shops and mimes are found. Same mime as last week. Just as funny. Just as insane. He pretended a taxi hit him so he lay down on the ground in front of it .. with other cars passing the taxi.. Then he pretended to pull a taxi along behind him. Pup likes him because he makes this funny whistling noise..

So that was our day .. pretty wonderful in it's way.


  1. I am really enjoying your blog! I hope this time my comments will post. Sometimes it won't and sometimes I think it goes through.

    Tomorrow is July 4 but the fireworks are already starting. The big dog is not happy, the little one is excited.

    Sorry about the World Cup. Needless to say, we were sad about our loss, too.

  2. challiman , thank you ! I am happy to see you here.
    Have a Happy 4th !

  3. Happy Fourth of July! I am so sorry about Argentina's loss...but you have the right philosophy. As a Dodger fan, I can relate.


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