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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Palermo Viejo/Soho

It is a cold and blustery day, more cloudy than sunny but it was not raining and I really wanted to go to Palermo and browse through the shops and look at the artisans market and enjoy another neighborhood.
It was a wee bit too cold to really enjoy any of that , but we did stay there a while and I did get to see some shops and browse a little and as always I enjoyed the architecture.. the buildings are mostly low , old fashioned and colorful and extremely charming, in my opinion.
Artisans market at Plaza Serrano
If the area were not so very trendy and terribly hip , I might like to live there, but as it is, we enjoy wandering around the area .. I have no idea where Palermo Viejo ends and Palermo Soho begins. The artisans market I believe is in Palermo Soho.
I am also not sure of the spelling of some places so we will all pretend that we don't notice anything misspelled.

Aside from plenty of bag shops
and shoe shops, they have bakeries and childrens shops and jewelry and well, you name it, they are selling it down there. If only we had known we could shop for our chandeliers there also !
The buildings are usually colorful and interesting as well ..

There is a Starbucks , oh well... and plenty of cafes and ethnic places, but we ended up not eating there at all. But I got to go to Paul, my all time new favorite place to shop for things for the Home. I bought Jasmin  room spray last visit, this time it is Oceanico. I have no idea what it actually smells like, except that it is crisp and clean and not as flowery as Jasmin. I take after my grandmother, I like lots of scent everywhere.  My husband pretty much can live without it but he tolerates these scents.

I love this shop.. this is all there is to let you know that to the right, down a narrow little walkway, opening to a garden and garden shop, is this beautiful space full of "rooms" full of beautiful Things. Dishes, flat and handmade and not quite white, not really grey. On old tables made of ancient wood, with silver candlesticks and bubbly not quite perfect wine glasses. Sofas with great fat pillows covered in wonderful soft fur and velvets. Chandeliers with wire flowers entwined around them , rooms of linens and cooking  utensils.. rusty old mirrors that only look a tiny bit older than that in my bathroom !I have no photos- when I asked if I could take a photo or two, I was told no.But here is the walk In and the walk Out ...

Color in the buildings here and there and a great mix of modern and old.
This is a mews, I could live here ...........and more
and the shop windows !
Beautiful woven fabrics ..
Would you like a cupcake or a chair ?

Finally we grabbed a taxi when our feet were frozen solid and hurried home to hot tea and empanadas followed by a bit of chocolate/orange  brownies ..


  1. How wonderful to hear that you have spent some time at the Plaza! Wish it was closer to where I live...Palermo looks like a very nice place to go for some shopping though!! Have a great Sunday! XO Kristin

  2. Kristin, where do you live ?
    I love your blog ! I go there every day and daydream I am in Paris.

  3. hello to you! your post's all ways make me want to be day for sure! I think the first shop will be Paul...then a cupcake..
    have a lovely week-big hugs Colette x

  4. This week if the weather is tolerable, we (I) want to go to the Flea Market .. you might enjoy that too :)

  5. Palermo SoHo is just a part of the overall section of the barrio, or Palermo Viejo - other than in realtor terms, there's really only Palermo Viejo and Chico, separated by Av. Santa Fe (or some say, Las Heras). Viejo gets divided up by the real estate professionals to sell things more effectively - soho, hollywood, freud, etc.... Sounds like you had a fun time! In general, not my favorite 'hood to hang out in, but now and again.

  6. Ohhh, Paul is, by far, one of the nicest places to go and get amazing things for home! =))) I discovered it not so long ago and I was in awe. It's just so beautiful. =)))

  7. Gorgeous! And chocolate orange brownies? My head is spinning...

  8. It reminded me of a mixture of Soho, Toronto and Rome. Thank you for the tour of the shops, it was splendid and I enjoyed it very much!


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