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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Walk - Recoleta

 Today we walked around our part of town and I took the camera with me.
I am all about the architecture here. 
I love the buildings and the balconies and now and then we will go around a corner and there is just this wonderful sight that makes me stop and wonder for a minute.. "Where am I ? Paris? Spain ? Hello?" ... 

The flower stands on the corners, the patisseries everywhere, the cafes with the people sitting outside, reading the paper, talking with friends and sometimes with a pup quietly napping under the table. 
We could be in Paris, Rome, Barcelona .  
It was one of those sunny bright winter days, cold but walking kept us warm. I kept thinking we would stop for coffee but we just kept walking.. exploring..
Pup was waiting back at home. We thought the housekeeper was there but she obviously had a chat with the Plumber because when we got home, we found Pup alone and no sign of the housekeeper. No call, nothing.
This seems to be a trend. I daydream of moving, and seeing how long it will take for the plumber and the housekeeper to notice we are not there. 
This looks nice.

Of course, we did the usual, looking at apartments for sale in the real estate office windows and window shopping the antique shops. This one is particularly full of treasures. We have been here before and realized today we have to stop by again soon.
Heading back home, we grabbed some scones to nibble in the park, perhaps to share with my new friends the pigeons. They see me and they gather. I stand still and they walk right up to me... like to my feet. If I drop crumbs straight down, they will step on my feet to get to the crumbs. If chipmonks come running one day, I will have to start singing some Disney song.. but for now, we just feed them and Pup likes to run at them and make them fly to their favorite perch, on top of an angel.

We said hello to Mr Luis Braille
And I stopped to admire the amazing Argentine winter sky
Staying in the parks on this side of the street, we crossed over to where we like to sit and watch the world go by. Really, it goes right by ! The cars on the big Avenue zooming all in one direction. Airplanes flying in and out of the airport, helicopters now and then buzzing past.
Notice a tiny Pup coming our way?
Pup was oblivious, apparently there were things more important to sniff.
And on up to our perch at the top of the stairs to look out over the park and the world..well, our little world.
Someone seems to be getting winded when he runs up that huge flight of steps. 

So we went on over to our private little park where we could sit on a bench and listen to nothing but birds singing
That's the bench. That tree in the middle is the one that split and half crashed onto the walls and broke things, but there is new growth coming out already. Walls are still damaged but the tree is coming back.
From here we can see the Biblioteca
or you can pretend it is a space craft lifting off. You can't tell that it is a flight of steps down from the park and across the street to the building. Look at that huge tree .. kids were playing in it one day, I had no idea they were there until they popped out .. 
And what did I discover in my park ? Winter flowers ! They smell so sweet ! 
So that was the day.
We went home after and had tea and made plans for tomorrow. 
We are good at making plans. Actually following through is the hard part. But if it is not raining, tomorrow is Palermo. 


  1. Ahhhh...thx for taking us with you.

  2. I think Pup was smiling! I love the little shops and architecture. That's one of the things I love about traveling, wandering around with no destination at times. You never know what you'll find.
    On a tiny alley/street in Rome we came upon a restaurant that had a sign "Obama's favorite restaurant in Rome," with the date, right after the election. I doubt he ever went there, but it made an interesting photo anyway. Lots of those little things make walking around somewhat aimlessly a wonderful experience.


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