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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

She said it all perfectly. Rainy days (Sunday) and Mondays get her down ... and me.
It rained all day today. Cold wet rain. The sort that soaks a dog and that dog doesn't completely dry for hours. And when he is finally dry, it is time to go out again. The washing machine is full of towels.
The dog smells slightly damp and doggy.
I bet the entire house does too.

The best thing about the day ,was we had nowhere that we had to go ( besides my husband walking the dog) and nothing we had to do, (besides dry the dog) so it was a totally lazy day ( especially the dog).. he went from sleeping beside the bed, to sleeping on a bed, to sleeping in the hall, to sleeping on the sofa , where I made myself as narrow as possible so he could stretch out and now he is sleeping next to me, making it impossible for me to move the chair without his knowing it ... ( because you know I am just waiting to escape and run away and not take him with me so he has to watch out for that).

I made an excellent soup. Very tasty.

I read the New York Times online and the Daily Mail UK. .for my daily dose of Tabloid gossip  and browsed a travel forum and considered looking at real estate in another country.
But I couldn't think of one I liked better than where I am, so I gave that up and went back to browsing Food blogs.
As if this weren't enough.. the photo alone can make me weep.. that swimming pool ! but then the recipe !! Lobster !   Framed-my life one picture at a time

And then I thought I would look at something to maybe inspire me around the house .. we went shopping last week for Art supplies.
I have them sitting here , staring a hole through me every day , waiting for me to use them.
I look at them and say, soon, soon... and hurry out of the room.
So here is some inspiration ... Boite d'aquarelles

I thought I would see what was going on in the land of Design .. I can get all inspired and go out tomorrow and find the right pillow or chair or something .. but then hours went by, I enjoyed every minute of looking at the blogs but the inspiration went in one eye and out the other ... or something.
This one really makes me dream ...  Greige
That garden ! all that green, it looks warm and inviting . . and not rainy and I don't see any dogs waiting with a towel.

Or this , the wonderful Belgian Pearls  .. I walk around the rooms, trying to imagine tufted chairs and ottomans and Things. Things that I must go out and buy.
If it stops raining.
Only if it stops raining.

After dinner, we listened to music, had a chat with a child far far away and now I am going to plan tomorrow.
So far .. no ideas... but something will come to me... especially if it is not raining.


  1. A rainy day...sounded like the perfect day to use those art supplies. But I guess Ms. Inspiration missed the date....well, she will come'll see

  2. Yesterday was a great day for baking. I made a chia bread and a honey cake (my grandmother's recipe), perfect for the afternoon mate.
    On another note, have you been to La Rural? You have to go, you'll love it! Lots of local food to taste and buy (cheeses, salames, dulces) and lots of farm animals to pet!

  3. We went to La Rural last year and enjoyed it.
    Today we are waiting for Señor Plumber.
    At least the sun is shining !!
    Honey cake sounds wonderful... yes, you may send me the recipe :)

  4. We seem to have the same winter weather this side...I started some sorting of cupboards..but got sidetracked, so now there is a mess where there was non before! you know what I'm talking about. Colette x


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