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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It is Wednesday, It Must Be The Plumber !

Today, every day this week, I have planned to do something different, interesting, Fun ! and each day we do the same thing.
Get up too early.
Get dressed and make the bed and be ready too early.
Greet the Plumber.
Watch him try to figure out where the Wet is coming from .
Today there is a hole in my beautiful wall, tile broken, innards exposed, waiting until Tomorrow when again, the plumber will be here, he will look and sniff and touch and figure out ( please god) where the wet is coming from and what to do about it.
My fear is that more floor will have to be broken and taken up.
My urge is to tell him, just close the damn hole and put the tile back and plaster the wall again.
I will have more mirror put over that wall, we will hide that little damp wrinkled plaster spot.

So then he smiles at us, tells Pup goodbye, Pup forgives everyone so the plumber can count on being welcomed by at least one of us ! and he leaves.
Now what to do with the day, after we clean up the floors and mess left by a plumber working on 100 year old plaster and brick walls.

Walk the Pup.
Go to the Park.
Pick up things at the Market.
Get fresh Scones.
Go home and have tea and feel sorry for oneself.

And I managed to also make a new recipe for dinner that was not quite as good as it could be ( i.e.-it went into the garbage)
Good thing I baked a chocolate cake, with chocolate chips inside and served with warm chocolate syrup.
Sugar buzz anyone ????

I did manage to take photos though .. because you never know when something might happen, besides a wall springing a leak and you will want a photo of it ..
No leaky wall photos, I promise, but I did get a nice photo of the side of the statue in Pup's park
which is definitely better to look at than , oh , say a leaky wall.
And then there was the walk around the neighborhood, by way of the Bakery , down the Avenue
And the sky did start to clear up just a bit, which was nice,
and back at home we had tea then I sat at  my desk and tried to think of what to do tomorrow while that plumber looks at the hole in the wall and Thinks some more... this is sitting on my desk, cheering me up,
Isn't she sweet ?
Kind of makes you want to jump on a bicycle and ride away. Far away. Where there are no leaky pipes.
Have I told you about the Frogs?
Yeah, frogs.. we have a few .. various shapes , sizes , some wooden, some bronze, some glass.. they like to travel, what can I say ? We like le grenouille !
And the garden out on the balcony is very happy. It gets lots of sunshine and doesn't seem to mind the cold.. unlike some of us .. well, one of us..grumble grumble...
So that was Wednesday, let's hope Thursday brings good Plumbing news and maybe a bit of warmth .


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  2. oh dear my stomach made a turn as I started reading your first paragraph, for I too have to deal with a plumber at the moment about a leak-unknown where from and the rain won't stop..thank you for making it better with your beautiful pictures - as always a welcome escape from reality!
    thank you for lovely comment on my blog and you are most welcome! warm wishes Colette x

  3. You know Candice? I can't share your blog with my Husband, he will say that's why we will not live in an old house/ apartment and I will be sad...because even though I know he will never do it (buy an old property) I still dream with one!!

  4. Hi Candice!
    We should start a therapy group for plumbing problems! As I write this, there are three men in my living room making a huge hole in the wall and taking off a portion of the ancient and recently plasticized parquet floor for a leak in one of the radiators. So not only my living room looks like a war zone, but the whole building is left without heating in this freezing cold and all the neighbors are hating us.
    I hope at least they can stop the leak today so they can turn the central heating back on.

  5. No plumber today.. he will call tomorrow :(


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